Little Known Black History Fact: The Pallbearers of Lima, Peru

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    In Lima, Peru, there is a tradition among the rich and prominent to hire black pallbearers for family funerals. The presence of black pallbearers signifies wealth in the country. Wearing tuxedos and white gloves, the pallbearers make about $5 per funeral and around $70 a week.

    The practice started in Spain during colonial times when slaves would carry the coffin and some would also follow the caskets. Slaves also accompanied their masters to church. While the job of pallberarer is not forced upon the black communities today, the racist practices of the city forces the dark-skinned Peruvians to take the more undesirable jobs. Those out of work, with criminal histories or simply lacking opportunity look toward the contractor pallbearer position as a means to stay employed. Most recently, black pallbearers were request for the wife of former U.N. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar.

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    4 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: The Pallbearers of Lima, Peru

    1. Black people are at the bottom strata of every Spanish speaking country on earth. They are denied their basic human rights for education, housing, jobs, health care and political representation by the ruling White Latinos. White Latinos still treat black Hispanics the way they did when they were slaves.

    2. This is a shame. If you watch ‘latino tv” you never see brown or black people unless it’s a central america or Dominican channel.

      • That’s because according to Latinos only white people can be Latino descendants of ancient Spanish people. Black Spanish speaking people are the human chattel descendant from the slaves.

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