Jamie Foxx Backs Trayvon Martin’s Mom ‘Forever’

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Samuel L. Jackson was also on hand at the convention, promoting the remake of “RoboCop.” He said he’d been out of the country for much of the trial and during the verdict, but expected the result.

“I’m not really surprised by it considering the way the case was presented and the representation that the family had, and the portrayals that they put out there of the kid and how peoples’ attitudes are about those particular things,” Jackson said.

Still, he said, he was “encouraged by the attitude of people after the verdict, that people are willing to stand up and take a stand and get out in the streets, and let their voices be heard.”

(Photo: AP)

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2 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Backs Trayvon Martin’s Mom ‘Forever’

  1. OK everyone just forget about the facts. The only crime that night was when Trayvon racially profiled Zimmerman and attacked him. Zimmerman was just defending himself. At no time is it ok to jump on someone like that. This got ugly because Trayvon was not taught to use his words. — just keepin it real.
    My people have been attacked for thousands of years. We have been killed and oppressed. Being Gay is not a crime. And Just because Trayvon thought Zimmerman was gay didn’t give him the right to attack him.

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