Paul Mooney Calls Halle Berry ‘That Ol’ Ugly Half White Woman’

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    What happens when you ask comedian Paul Mooney about the George Zimmerman verdict? You get a bizarre conversation about Will Smith looking like President Obama‘s son, Halle Berry being an “ugly” woman, beauty standards in the U.S.A and other mind-boggling tidbits that will leave you scratching your head.

    Take a listen and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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    74 thoughts on “Paul Mooney Calls Halle Berry ‘That Ol’ Ugly Half White Woman’

    1. my man tell the truth paul these jim jones kool aid scared to death negroes are still their massahs slaves and these devils are still the same racism is here to stay the only solution is we either separate or from whites or we continue to be negroe slave stil kissing their behinds and begging and to the white either destroy the system of white supremacy or be erased from the planet earth.superiority is based of our righteousness and righteous conduct not your skin color.

    2. Paul is just saying that we (Black People) should change the definition of what Beauty is in our own mind. Alot of Black people hold beauty at the same standards as White people– because White beauty has been the standard of beauty for centuries. He is just making Halle Berry an example. Just like many white people (the racist white people- I know not all white people are racist but many are at least on a subtle level ) think that all Black people look like monkeys no matter how light skinned and no matter how many White features they have he is just doing it the opposite way. Black people should go about redefining what beautiful is — without the input of White beauty. He chose an extreme way of putting this by putting a terrible spotlight on Halle Berry by calling her an Ugly half White lady. I am pretty sure he really thinks she is beautiful. What this has to do with the Trayvon case—ALOT. Because not only this country’s standard of beauty is White, this country’s standard of morals are White– everything this country is built on is putting down black people as if they are all ugly and incompetent and putting white people on a pedestal — “white people can no harm, we are well mannered, well speaking people with beautiful hair, skin, features and history.” I get Paul– he just has an extreme way of explaining things and he is always trying to say stuff for shock value and laughs. Black people- we must redefine what is beautiful within us, because this is a White man’s world and we need to adhere to the truth—– all races are beautiful, including ours. Don’t worry about the white people who think you are ugly because their thoughts on what beautiful is doesn’t matter— listen to your own heart thoughts and redefine the standard of beauty in your own mind, — it starts with you. The standard of Beauty should include every race, skin, height, and hair texture. It should not be White women (or people with White features) as the ultimate and only standard of beauty.

    3. 1. Well, whenever men call a woman ugly its usually because the woman won’t have sex with them. Hello!
      2. That man must know where the bodies are buried and who buried them because as incoherent as he always is, as hateful as he always is, he’s always on someone’s radio show or on someone’s stage.
      3. He said he’s regarding the Boston Marathon bombing that he was glad only white people got killed and injured.

    4. Those hatin’ on Paul Mooney need to lightin’ up. Paul has always talked about EVERYONE. If you know his history in comedy he holds nothing back. He speaks his mind and could careless what you think whether ypu’re white or black. I wish there were more people like him that could speak his mind with no apologizies. As he has always said, “Either you’re running scared or you’re running free, how ya runnin’?” Keep up the funny material Paul!

    5. I agree with the concept of what Paul Mooney says. Now right now I have a new found anger. Trayvon’s dad is a Mason and you know how they feel about blood sacrifice!!!

    6. Bren I love Paul Mooney. He is once again speaking the raw truth. Everybody now wants to just laugh. But the shit wasn’t that funny. It was fact. I was saying all along that the verdict was gonna be bullshit. Since when is 6 white women a “jury of your peers” and you are a white/Hispanic man? The set up was in there from the day the MURDER was committed.

      • No, the setup was there the day OJ was acquitted. White people have been waiting for a case like this. What, there’s no black people in Florida. They couldn’t find one black person to fit on that Jury. I think not!

        • people get called for jury duty months in advance. they show up, then they are chosen. possibly there were no black people that day, or they didnt show up. no one wants jury duty & people make excuses all the time, like medical conditions. if you wanted a lynching of a hispanic, that didnt happen. OJ has nothing to do w/this.

    7. I am so proud of Sybil! She handled herself with such grace, class, and dignity while Mr. Mooney spouted mess that only made sense to him. The dead space in between questions and comments was telling. Once again, thank you Sybil for being a consummate professional and challenging Mr. Mooney’s crass belief system.

      • Thank you Chris Williamson for comments regarding Cybil’s response to Paul Mooney. My sentiments are exactly the same.

    8. I agree he was off his rocker this morning. Tom this is amongst one of the worst interviews on your show. Don’t like women bashing women and I definitely don’t like men bashing women.

    9. President Obama was making the point that Trayvon is black… not that he necessarily resembles him. I think I have had my fill of Paul Mooney. No is no “real” that he was keepin’ it. He is just an old comedian that has outlived his time. Note, that I have always like(d) Paul Mooney, but I had to shut this interview off before it ended.

      • i always liked paul mooney, his material was good. then i saw his twitter page, & listened to several interviews. hes now an angry old man. you cant please him no matter what you do. whites dont get a chance, blacks cant do anything right. enough w/the slavery obsession! wheres his self esteem? maybe its time he leave the plantation. its been 150yrs. hes some negative mxxxxxxxxxer.

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