Mom Leaves Her Kids In The Car So She Can Attend Lil’ Wayne Concert

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  • 25-year-old mom, Brittany Harris wins the worst mom of the year award (so far). She decided to bring her children with her to a Lil’ Wayne and T.I.concert and left her precious three and five year-olds in the car for hours while she enjoyed the show. According to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Report, Harris was arrested on a pair of child neglect charges after the children were left unsupervised in a parking lot at the South Florida Fairgrounds. She’s now being held on a $10,000 bond on each felony count.

    An employee at the Cruzan Ampitheater, Barry Batchelor, spotted the children standing in the parking lot by Harris’ car. Once he asked them what they were doing there, he escorted them inside and handed them over to the cops. Once the show ended around 10:30 pm, Harris came out to the parking lot and claimed that her cousin had dropped the kids off. After some intense questioning, she admitted that she brought the kids with her.

    The children were left to fend for themselves in a parking lot filled with over 9,000 patrons, many of which were under the influence or some type of mind-altering drug. Hopefully Harris, also known as “Pretty Red” will have to do some real time for this type of neglect.

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    2 thoughts on “Mom Leaves Her Kids In The Car So She Can Attend Lil’ Wayne Concert

    1. She wanted to be able to go to concerts, she should have practiced better birth control. Very irresponsible! What if something had happened to those kids? Evidently, she didn’t care;she left them in the car!

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