Confederate Flag-Loving Black Man Takes Racist Patriotism To Capital Hill

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  • Do you remember that kid who went on YouTube to profess his love for the Confederate Flag a year or so ago? Well, Byron Thomas has taken his love for all things Dixie Mason to Capital Hill, where he is an intern for Tim Scott, the Republican Senator from South Carolina.

    Given that he has just been on the job for fewer than two weeks, you would think the young man would simply get settled in and learn his job. But not Mr. Thomas.

    He sent out an email–which was later sent to the Huffington Post–to fellow interns and staffers asking them to say the Pledge of Allegiance each day. The email is below:

    byron thomas tim scott

    byron thomas confederate flag

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    8 thoughts on “Confederate Flag-Loving Black Man Takes Racist Patriotism To Capital Hill

    1. Extremely beautiful state of South Carolina. He might play that song Dixie everyday. I just hope that white girl never shows up missing.

    2. Poor young man. You can tell he has no positive black male role models around him. He doesn’t even realize that a lot of the people he wants to associate with see him as inferior due to his history. Hugging up on some white chick isn’t winning him ant white friends either.

    3. he’s slow, you can tell that’s why they didn’t want us to learn how to read and write and get educated that’s why you see post like that so sad.

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