Suspect Arrested, Charged With Murder For Brutal Stabbing Death Of 6 Year Old

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Ahlittia was described as an exuberant child who loved to make others laugh. Her mother says she loved to dance and had recently joined a dance team.

The little girl went missing from the apartment she shared with her mother and stepfather early Saturday. They last saw Ahlittia asleep in her bed, but she was gone — along with some of her personal items — when they awoke in the morning. The door, which the family had locked that night, was left open but there were no signs of forced entry.

Police have also charged Flugence’s brother, Russell Flugence, 21, with obstruction of justice. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office says that Russell Flugence allegedly knew of his brother’s involvement in the girl’s death.

News reports described both men as being hostile to questions. The Times-Picayune reports:

When asked about Ahlittia during questioning, Russell Flugence said, “I don’t give a f- about that little girl,” according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. When news reporters asked Matthew Flugence whether he killed Ahlittia as he walked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional facility in Gretna, Normand said he told them, “And f’ed your mother, too”

Matthew Flugence is charged with first degree murder and sexual battery and is being held without bond. His brother has a bond of $250,000.

There was a massive search for the girl, involving multiple law enforcement agencies and the FBI. After authorities took DNA samples from Ahlittia’s family members, they got a break in the case when they discovered a pool of blood not far from Ahlittia’s home.

DNA testing identified the blood as Ahlittia’s Monday evening, and police continued their canvassing. A detective noticed a new item he had not seen in the bin before and dug deeper. Ahlittia was found wrapped in a garbage bag. She was wearing the same pink and gray pajamas that her mother had last seen her alive in.

Police are still trying to determine the exact sequence of events in Ahlittia’s death. Meanwhile, a memorial of stuffed animals sprouted up as the community came out to mourn Ahlittia.

Lisa North’s mother, Rena Johnson, 38, said the loss is destroying her daughter and  “tearing her apart” with grief.

Lisa North is struggling to make sense of what happened to her daughter.

“They could have brought her back home, but they killed her and put her in a trash can,” North cried after learning of her daughter’s death.


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7 thoughts on “Suspect Arrested, Charged With Murder For Brutal Stabbing Death Of 6 Year Old

  1. I have an issue with you making light of a 6 year old girls death. It has nothing to do with giving anyone a pass. The tragedy is in her death, not in who took her life.

    • Paris, there seems to be a double standard here. The tragedy of Trayvon’s death was ALL ABOUT who took his life.

  2. Paris no offense intended. Are we that demented that we give a free pass to this sick person because he’s black?

  3. Jiggy5, what’s wrong the white racist websites aren’t getting if for you anymore? Well I for one am not disturbed by your comments because I know you are only trying to get a rise out of people on this website. You poor pitiful fool.

  4. It’s scary to think that people this evil are walking this earth and harder to believe two in the same family.

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