Wife Discovers Husband Has Second Wife On Facebook

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  • A word to the wise: if you’re going to get married, make sure you divorce  your first wife. A man in England was arrested for bigamy due to the fact he married a woman despite still being married. His first wife found out her estranged husband got remarried when she found him on Facebook.

    36-year-old Brian Frain was discovered to be a bigamist when first wife Ann-Marie Simm found him on Facebook. The couple met in 1999 and married June of that year after they had a torrid two-month romance. The marriage only lasted two months and Simm moved from their home in England to Scotland. Five years after separating, Simm hired private investigators to find Frain so she could start divorce proceedings because she planned to remarry. Brian Frain was never found by investigators, but Ann-Marie Simm found him on Facebook and noticed he had gotten married to a woman at the same place Frain and Simm were wed.

    Frain said he believed his marriage to Simm was no longer valid because they were only married for two months and it had been ten years since they separated.  He also said he didn’t seek legal advice before entering into a union with his new wife Louise Meredith. The prosecutor, David Curtis said, “Due to the amount of time that had passed, Mr Frain assumed that he was no longer married to her. He did not inform the registry office and took no legal advice.” In legal interviews, Brian Frain admitted that he never told anyone he was married before, even his second wife Louise.

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    4 thoughts on “Wife Discovers Husband Has Second Wife On Facebook

    1. It’s really not fair since the marriage was so briefed and they had been separated for 10 years but the law is the law. If you let him get away with it there will be many more doing the same thing. I guess he’s going to have to bite the bullet on this one.

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