Twitter User Who Helped Stop Juror B37′s Book Deal Speaks

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    The woman behind the Twitter and campaigns that put Juror B37‘s book deal to a screeching halt is New York-bred Genie Lauren.

    Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds went ablaze with outrage last night as the unidentified juror expressed support for George Zimmerman during her interview with CNN. Lauren was also angry and upset while watching the prime-time interview — but decided that her emotions would be better vested in organizing people on social media.

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    “I was angry and I didn’t think it was right that someone would make money off of this tragedy–especially after they let Zimmerman go free,” Lauren told NewsOne. “I didn’t think that was right at all.”

    It didn’t take Lauren long to realize that many others didn’t feel it was right, either. Right after watching the CNN interview, Lauren, who says she had around 1,600 followers before organizing the book boycott, sent out a tweet asking people to help her find the publisher. The feedback was immediate, something that emboldened her to push even harder.

    “For the first time, it felt like I wasn’t powerless,” she said.

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    Using Google as her guide, Lauren quickly found the literary agency that was backing Juror B37′s deal; soon after, she got the name of the agent, Sharlene Martin, and published the information:

    And in order to show how determined she was to get the book canned, Lauren tweeted this:

    After getting a Twitter movement going, Lauren, 29, created a campaign, “Sharlene Martin: Drop Juror B37 from Martin Literary Management,” which so far has 1,346 signatures. Martin’s e-mail was included in the petition; the agent reached out to Lauren an hour later via

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