Soledad O’Brien Goes From CNN to CEO

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I think it would be interesting examining where justice is applied and sometimes where it’s not.Ta-Nehisi Coates in the Atlantic has a really interesting piece about [the Trayvon Martin] trial. He sort of kicks off through history these times when justice has been differently applied. I think that would be a fascinating documentary.”

O’Brien has received some criticism for working for Al Jazeera, despite its international reputation as a news organization. As an independent producer, she’s strictly a hired gun, but says that working with the network allows her to be in award-winning company.

“I think if you have the opportunity to see Al Jazeera English and you see their coverage and some of their docs – the trial would be a great example – just see what you think. I have found that over the years, their reporting is quite solid and they don’t do a lot of drivel around stories. Their documentaries clean up at the Peabodys and all the awards that people win. They’re unbelievable. For those folks that only want to watch serious journalism, this is the place to turn.”

O’Brien will next be seen on HBO’s “Real Sports” on Tuesday, July 23 at 10 p.m

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5 thoughts on “Soledad O’Brien Goes From CNN to CEO

  1. Hello soladad i am a survivor of te jonestown tragedy also i was at the air strip when congressman ryan came into port kaituma, love to talk to you

  2. They got tired of her bias left wing reporting, and beside, her rating really sucks, so that’s why CNN got rid of her.

  3. I hope Soledad O’Brien and Oprah Winfrey can come together on a documentary special. I am happy for Soledad, but CNN was wrong and is still wrong in their treatment of the black journalists.

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