Black Woman’s “Stand Your Ground” Case Failed, Question Of Racial Double Standard Raised

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  • George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and won’t spend a second behind bars. Marissa Alexander fired her gun as a warning to scare off her husband who she said was threatening her and was sentenced to 20 years.

    According to the the case of Alexander, a 31-year-old woman living in Jacksonville, Fla., has emerged as Exhibit A for people who say Zimmerman’s acquittal illustrates how the U.S. justice system wasn’t created to serve justice to Black people.

    “This African-American woman didn’t hurt anyone and now she might not hug her children for twenty years,” wrote U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) following Alexander’s conviction in May of last year.

    Reportedly Alexander only fired shots after her husband said, “If I can’t have you, nobody going to have you.”

    Alexander’s attorney invoked the “Stand Your Ground Law,” a law we all know very well now that gives the benefit of the doubt to a shooter who feels their life is in danger.

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    8 thoughts on “Black Woman’s “Stand Your Ground” Case Failed, Question Of Racial Double Standard Raised

    1. For all of you that think the system is racists towards blacks- in honor of black history month. I would like to donate half of my paychecks to the welfare system. Middle class working americans are now the new slaves. Where are all of my civil rights leaders? Oh ya, i forgot, you can only be racists towards black people. Just stfu. A college baseball player is no longer alive because of 3 black kids that just wanted to shoot him because he jogged by them and they wanted to kill someone. Im just saying, zimmerman and martin got A LOT of un needed media when this guy gets 10 minutes? Look in the mirror for racism dumbasses. And the article on here has so many messed up “facts” the woman deserved to go to prison. Not for almost killing her abusive husband, which i dont mind. But she also shot near 2 children. Fucking racial double standard is called that because it is a two way street

    2. Just a little information. This article is actually inaccurate. Zimmerman, nor his legal team ever used the stand your ground law as a defense. Now, its one thing to add a slight spin, but its another to outright lie.

    3. A willful murderer got away with killing an innocent child.

      The murderer has a history of violence, racial profiling & lying to law enforcement. He did not follow procedures of the community watch group or police & should not have had a gun under Florida law.

      Yet a woman with an ORDER OF PROTECTION against an admittedly brutal abuser, a woman who had just given birth, a woman with a masters in economics & no prior problem with the law, a woman who harmed no one, now sits in prison for DEFENDING HERE GROUND & her children.

      This is a society that make no pretense to the fact that it devalues the lives of SOME of its citizens.

      The system of so-called “justice” in America is broken & this is yet another case that proves it.

      Good-hearted & fair minded people everywhere have a duty to help fix this broken system:

      *Repeal the racist Stand Your Ground laws.
      *Vote for candidates that support strong gun-control legislation.
      *Support groups & events that fight against gun violence & violence against women.
      *Divest from the NRA now, if you are a member.
      *& demand a governor’s pardon or a new trial for Marrisa Alexander.

      Together we are stronger than they are!

    4. Why in hell did she not shoot this wad of vomit? He even admitted in court that if she had not had the gun he would have beaten her. If she goes to prison, it’s her fault for being a dimwit.

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