5 Things The Judicial System Values More Than A Black Man’s Life

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2. Ocho Cinco Lawyer’s Ass

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson appeared in court in June of this year for a hearing pertaining to a plea agreement of probation, community service, and counseling in order to avoid jail time in his domestic violence charge for head butting his wife, reality TV star Evelyn Lozada. When asked by Broward County Circuit Court Judge Kathleen McHugh if he was satisfied with his legal representation, Johnson showed his approval by slapping a football-field-style five to his lawyer Adam Swickle’s rear end. The infuriated judge slapped the six time Pro Bowl wide receiver with 30 days in jail, denying the initial agreement. He was ordered to start his 30-day skid bid immediately.

Split Photo of John White and Daniel Cicciaro

1. A White Life

This case just proves that a Black man could never get away with shooting a white child, no matter what the circumstances are. In 2006, John White was awakened by his 19 year old son, Aaron, who told his father that “some kids are coming here to kill me.” Daniel Cicciaro, 17, and a group of angry teenagers came to the White residence to avenge an alleged rape threat of a female friend. The elder White retrieved his loaded Beretta that he kept in the garage of his home in Long Island after he heard the “lynch mob” shouting profanities and racial epithets. When Cicciaro lunged for the weapon, White shot the teenager in his face, killing him instantly. The four week trial incited racial tensions in the Suffolk County courthouse, with Blacks on one side with Nation Of Islam security and whites on the other being secured by steroid-inflated motorcycle gang members. Just days before Christmas 2007, John White, 54, was convicted of second degree manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. White remained free while on appeal, but when his appeal was rejected, a judge sentenced him to 20 months to 4 years. He only served five months of that before having his sentence commuted by Governor Patterson in 2010.


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