Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict: Defense Wins By Putting Holes In State’s Case

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The Prosecution made a judgment call on whether to introduce his statements in to evidence. They introduced the statements that did not provide the chance for the State to cross-examine Zimmerman on the stand; however, they allowed the State to compare the statements and to explore the differences in his statements as compared to other evidence.

Both sides gave compelling closing arguments. Prosecutor John Guy delivered a powerful closing by describing to the jury what Trayvon Martin went through. Guy made an appeal to the jury of all-women, saying, “Was that child not in fear when he was running from that defendant?  Isn’t that every child’s worst nightmare to be followed in the dark by a stranger…that was Trayvon Martin’s last emotion. “

Guy attempted to appeal to the emotions of the jury and give them enough to hang on by asking them to draw inferences.  Guy also told the jury that Zimmerman eliminated the only other eye witness and to not reward him for that.

On the other hand, though, Zimmerman’s defense lawyer Mark O’Mara had a very powerful closing by discussing and instructing the jury about reasonable doubt and teaching the jury what they should consider. Their demonstrative evidence showed the defense’s version of events and why the State may not have proven their case.

According to the verdict, the jurors felt there was enough doubt to find Zimmerman not guilty.

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