Zimmerman Verdict In

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  • Jurors in the case of self-appointed neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, have found him NOT GUILTY of second-degree murder. Zimmerman claims he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self-defense in February of 2012.

    Check back on BlackAmericaWeb as this story develops.

    Click here for exclusive content on the “Justice for Trayvon” page.

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    142 thoughts on “Zimmerman Verdict In

    1. You’re so funny and so ignorant and just want attention , I find it so funny you’re trying to insult me but in actuality you’re just entertaining me that’s too funny , yea okay if you say I’m not educated but yet I am about to graduate with 3 degrees and I work hard for my money so say what you want i dont need welfare but one day you will be that same person talking down on me but One day I will laugh at your ignorance cause you’ll be working for me so again say what you want and yes god has already blessed so save your blessing for someone that need it preferably yourself and have a wonderful night and life may god blesss you and your partings lol

      • Drea, as I have already pointed out, you have already been proven to be inconsistent with the actual facts of this, why you choose to blabber your racist and bigoted comments is beyond anything I desire to expound upon. Your reputation on WordPresss as a troll has already been well documented by WordPress, not me, read their analogy and complaints made against you. I just chose to remain with the facts of this case and to help those that might still have a question regarding legalities, since that is my higher-education-expertise as I am told.

        • Eff you and WordPress I don’t give a damn its funny how when everyone else and myself have am opinion were racist to you , I don’t you you don’t know , yea stick to the facts my ass its over and done with but Zimmerman is gonna get what he deserve karma is a bitch , and it comes around fast you can keep commenting you’re a joke and hilarious eff you and your complaints you’re no one special I don’t care about you or comments or your opinions your funny as hell , ignorant stupid and dumb all in one and very uneducated , you’re disrespectful and an asshole , now just because said what I said that’s my opinion you should have commented to my shit in the first place now run and tell whose gonna stop me from sure in hell not , again you’re nobody special

        • Dee, unfortunately for you is that you are wrong yet again, at least you are consistent, but being wrong all the time should not be a goal in anyone’s life imo. I did get another call earlier I made regarding the complaint I made against you after you committed a felony against me and Mr. Zimmerman and am a bit surprised to see you still have your PC in your resident. The officer left here just hours ago and if you don’t think so, read the police-log in tomorrow’s newspaper.

          I know I would be shaking in my shoes if I were you. Everyone involved with your threats are now armed up and your threats are taken very seriously on our front. We have made some arrangements to isolate the location of your threats and we have managed to gear up enough finances to make the threat be eliminated. Any ideas on what you might desire or treats or personal items that may not be available from your upcoming commissary account? Chips, sandwiches or things like that you can’t normally have ready-access to?

          Deodorant maybe, extra-soft toilet tissue perhaps. Let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help you out in your new upcoming resident. Seriously, you committed a felony offense. And, I can’t emphasize one part of that; seriously!

        • Ohh my goodness, you are wrong again Drea, at least you are consistent at being wrong.

        • since you haven’t washed your white sheets lately and have been to busy to burn crosses, you been spending all of your time selling wolf tickets to the Black America Web patrons. Well ok, now that you have gone black, you wont be going back. Welcome to the DARK side . Its going to cost you.

        • Liz, you have already been proven to be incorrect on your attacks of those better-informed than yourself and your jealousy shines so bright. Your focus should be, imo, to look at the facts of this case instead of blaming others and blaming the jurors for an outcome you clearly were not psychologically ready for. Still though, George was acquitted of all charges and that proves you have been wrong for over a year in your trollish rants and attacks against other that you are jealousy of.

        • Liz, the newest thing I am reading about is the Justice-forTrayvon efforts and I personally believe that Justice-forTrayvon has already been accomplished and is done after Trayvon was shot dead after he attacked a victim while being high on dope and armed with a metal can in his hoodie and using a cement walkway to bash a victim‘s head against the cement until possible harm or death to the victim. Justice is complete for Trayvon, he’s dead and buried. Anyone who disagrees, go to your nearest cement sidewalk and strike your own head against the cement hard enough to cause injury and let us know how many strikes you can endure before you believe that exercise is simply not right or hurtful. Go ahead, get to it!

    2. I am from the UK a country of many cultures and the people here DON’T believe that Justice was served in this case. Jan Corey, you are racist bigot and a total disgrace to human race. It’s easy to hide behind a computer and spew out your venom, rather like the cowardly KKK behind their hood. Why not take a public stand with your racist rant because I’d really like to put a face to what a racist,un educated, ignorant white american looks like. Shame on you.

      • Pat Lyons, sounds like it is you that is the racist bigot, I know that I am certainly not that. Your lack of being able to understand this case from the American-perspective is clear and can I suggest you try, instead, to just deal with the facts of this case because your attacks against others better-informed than yourself and your jealousy of others that are better-informed and better-educated to the facts of this case is an issue you have made quite clear. If a person gets high on illegal drugs and then assaults another person and beats them to the point they believe they are going to die or sustain great bodily injury, out Laws allow you to shoot them and shoot them dead, regardless of their age. Try to learn the facts Pat before you stick your own foot down your throat again, with all due respects to your ignorance.

        • Hey you incompetent nicompoop dastardly two bit low life bigot. Get off of the Black American Website. To me you are a George Zimmerman type, headed to Target but stop by here to look for a target. You have been served notice. Cross hairs any one?

        • Liz, accordant to WordPress, you have been corrected over 1,000 times on this topic alone by commentors and you are listed as a troll on their sites for trying to overrun sites which you have been so consistentat, but done quite poorly. That is not my goal to respond to pure crap in my attempt to educate and respond to people with questions about this case. Why you still choose your bigoted and racial approach is beyond most logical sense. Maybe that’s an area you can pick up with your Psychologists, your medical doctors, and your Psychiatrists, but not here.

      • @Pat Lyons: Some of us are ashamed that George Zimmerman was allowed to get away with murdering “our child”, Trayvon Martin.
        Oh and the name you referenced at the end of your post is considered Spam and most of us has chose to ignore it.

        • Keeba, the only people that are ashamed George Zimmerman did not get convicted are those people not educated or informed enough to understand the facts of the case, and the reasons why the prosecution failed to prove their case, they should be mad with the prosecutors and not victim-Zimmerman. For those people that don’t understand and are confused and angry, just remember, you can’t help those people until they want to help themselves from the uneducated predicament they remain confused about.

      • Pat, may I also add that Drea, has as I have already pointed out, have already been proven to be inconsistent with the actual facts of this, why Drea chooses to blabber it’s racist and bigoted comments which is beyond anything I desire to expound upon. Dreaa’s reputation on WordPresss as a troll has already been well documented by WordPress, not me, read their analogy and complaints made against Drea. I just chose to remain with the facts of this case and to help those that might still have a question regarding legalities, since that is my higher-education-expertise as I am told.

    3. I am so confused about what I should tell my sons who are both college seniors this year. The trial was a set up from the very beginning. How did the prosecution allow an all female white and one hispanic jury to be selected in the first place. There is little justice for African American males. SMH

    4. The prosecutor never wanted to convict Zimmerman and it’s obvious because they never really fought or ask the right questions doing the trial. And…if the state/prosecution had won that would mean they would be against their own stand your ground law. The prosecution was NEVER NEVER for the Martin family. They just wanted this case over with, without messing with their precious stand your ground law. It’s really ashamed. The state of Florida stinks and that city should be boycotted.

        • Jan. Please go away and find your own race of people to be with. We are Black people who don’t want you in our commentaries. Go get George and you can both hide out so you can extol your own virtues of hatred of the Black race. Karma has both you and George on its list as numero uno. Its a bitch and you will feels its rath.

        • Thank you Liz for proving me correct and, you are welcome for that lesson too.

    5. The assemblage of attorneys had NO intentions in making sure justice was done. Instead, all they did was provide an over-staged performance to placate Black america.
      When George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, he went to the police station, gave a flimsy report of what happened and was free to go home to his family. Zimmerman remained free of the murder until more than 2 million people signed a petition and rallies ensued, pleading justice for Trayvon Martin; afterwards a special prosecutor was commissioned. Once assigned, it was evident that special prosecutor Angela Corey did not intend to do anything but just find a way to shut them up. At the time, I pictured her saying, “Let’s give them a trial and afterwards, the people can pay the cost.”
      It was evident that prosecutors Bernie de la Rionda and John Guy did not try to win this case as they knew the game and now the people will pay the price – in more ways than one.
      Most Blacks KNEW justice would NOT be served in the murder of Trayvon Martin, as this has been going on for years and that is just how it is.

      • Keeba, did you miss the entire trial? Trayvon was not murdered as you claim, he was shot dead after he attacked Mr. Zimmerman while Trayvon was high on illegal dope. Try instead, Keeba, to just deal with the facts instead of your desperate confusions over the basic fundamentals of this case that you clearly do not understand. It makes you appear foolish, imo.

    6. We need to BOYCOTT Florida. No cruises, amusement parks, vacations, conventions, family reunions, etc….. If just 10% of the Black people that were planning to go to Florida on vacation change, they’ll feel it. If 20% change, they’ll hurt. I think it’s time to SEND a message. The ONLY way we can really fight is with our few pennies.

      • Michael you are right. This man took this child’s life. He might have gotten by, but he will pay, and he will know why. He claim to be afraid for his life, well he know how our men feel every time they go out.

    7. NAACP, we must Boycott all white Businesses. Decrease their cash is the only way to go!! This includes whites who own food stores and all. We need justices in Florida.

    8. The defense team made sure all the whites on Zimmerman’s jury was Republicans. They denied 3 blacks off the jury, and the one Hispanic is Zimmerman race. Wake up people, cause all that look good, is not good. The Hispanic juried is also Republican!!! They did backgrounds check on all of them and was looking for only Republicans.

      • Oh I get it Republicans conspired to murder Trayvon to eliminate a Democrat…makes sense look how well it’s working with the body count in Chicago

    9. Dear Tom,

      I am answering the call to action in the Trevon case the only way I can.

      First business of today: just cancelled an upcoming trip to Orlando this morning. When asked by the AMEX, Disney and Universal folks why, here’s my answer:

      My family is joining the rising tide of people who are choosing to economically boycott businesses that call the State of Florida home. Effective immediately, my family will economically boycott Florida businesses because your state cannot and will not protect the legal and civil rights of people of color in your state.

      Based on the events of July 13, 2013, I cannot risk my life or lives of my family to even visit your state. Furthermore, my family WILL NOT support economically a state that ignores the civil and voting rights of millions while promoting “Jim Crow” legal and political systems against people of color. Lastly, my family will actively campaign against your State’s industries doing business in the State of Illinois and will encourage our family, friends, employers and local businesses to join us in this boycott.

      I am respectfully asking that the TMS cancel all present and future activities in the State of Florida to protest the State of Florida’s legal and political systems continued disrespect of people of color.

      The Hartfield Family of Chicago

      • I agree with JUDY H. . It’s time to Stop supporting White people businesses until The Rules of Law is changed!! Stop shopping at their stores and traveling to Florida for Vacation & Fun. We know White people Love money, and We must decrease it. All people of color need to Boycott all white owned businesses. We need to get with the NAACP and inform them on our Boycott. It’s time to get Respect from them, once and for all!! That’s includes, Wal-Mart and all white owned stores.

    10. The only resemblance of justice in this for Trayvon is that Zimmerman will never have another peaceful day in his life. He won’t be able to walk around freely, go out to eat at a restaurant, go grocery shopping, to the movies, etc….. without people gawking at him. In a sense he will be imprisoned.

      • Joy, maybe George Zimmerman should sue Trayvon’s parents for making his life so miserable then if what you say is true.

    11. In case you are wondering America, this was the main reason the OJ Simpson verdict got cheers when it was read. Not for OJ, but because just for once, white people can see how it feel for one of their own to die and that person got off. Case in point with this verdict.

      • glo: Your suggestion sounds good in theory but I doubt it will ever happen because most people are sooooo materialistic. Love to buy STUFF instead of building wealth. For (some) people their self worth is wrapped in what type sneakers they wear, or what type of celeb purse they carry (they don’t take into account that the latest (IN) purse is usually empty….void of cash, zip, nada). Hopefully one day we will wake up, and stop making everyone else rich.

      • Gloriabar, where will all the black people spend their foodstamps if they don’t go to white-people’s stores?

        • Not proportionately Rogenia Troup, try using the facts that are provided by the government instead of relying upon what you think should be true, because it isn’t.

    12. It’s a sad day in These United States of America! .. Black People .. Gun Up .. Legally Of Course! .. #PROBLACK_TEXAS!

    13. Ok enogh with the disrespect. Travon parents do not deserve the lead KKK (JanCorey) to disrespect the death of there son. You my think he we a thug and he deserve to be dead, but face the fact I will take a thug any day. A thug is bold a racist is a coward. Cowards blow up buildings, shot a school full of kids up. Mr. JanCorey u are on of those cowards that not only blacks need to watch for but ALL race including the white people. Now you folish not soooo smart white man get go. There is no life for Mr.Zimmerman BECAUSE HE WILL GET HIS SOON.

    14. My kids be not safe when they bee punckin crakkaz n’ sheet. Wee needin to keep our niglets safe when they be punchin crakkaz nowutImsayin”???

    15. If Trayvon would not have assumed that the cracker was packing, he would not have tried to beat the shit out of him. He paid with his life for making a bad assumption. BTW, there is no law against following someone and getting out of a car.

      • AS the word says “just Us”. Black American can never exppect to have justice in the courts when
        we are killed by a white person. This should be a wakeup call. We can not expect anyone else to
        value the lives of our black youth, when we are not doing all we can to stop the killing of our black
        youth in our won communities.

        • To B. Garner. Your comments are so true. Karmer does come around. It is swift and just. What
          you put out into the world comes back to you. So, George Zimmerman can expect to be shot down
          in the streets as he did to Trayvon Martin.

      • The facts do scare some people MikeyRon, especially the uneducated and the racist-type, and thanks for proving me correct.

      • Cam, I forwarded your threat to George Zimmerman to the FBI, you may be contacted soon, get ready, and clear out all the dope in your house now if I may be so bold to suggest to you.

    16. Did anyone think 99% all white jury in FLORIDA was going to convict George of killing a young black man? I knew as soon as i heard about the jury, that he was going free. This is 2013, but its still 1953 in Florida. With all the black folks that live in Sanford, they couldn’t find any black people to be on the jury? i say not.

      • Bill Cobb, both the prosecution and the defense dismissed the blacks they screened for potential jury members, maybe none of the blacks passed the background checks due to crime convictions?

      • To Bill Cobb about the color of the jury, do you remember that there was 9 black jurors in the OJ Simpson case? There are thousands of murders every year why is this one such a high profile story? And I don’t neccesarily believe he’s innocent either. If he would have listened to the 911 dispatcher and stayed in his truck this never would have happened.

    17. Ding that’s messed up look what kind if world we living in , oh but god don’t sleep Zimmerman got a lot of things coming to him , karma never stops , they so wrong they know that man guilty shit if it was the other way around they wouldn’t hesitate to put travyon in jail , fucked up system

      • Drea, some experts have said that if Trayvon had lived after assaulting Mr. Zimmerman, Trayvon would have been arrested for felony-assault. Verdict proves George Zimmerman is not the criminal in this case, it’s Trayvon Martin and the prosecutors of this case.

        • First off I don’t need you to comment on my post travyon was not the criminal it was Zimmerman your ignorance or better you opinion is not needed I don’t need your. Comment la I don’t expect you to answer my opinion cause it wasn’t a question some experts my ass , what the hell have Zimmerman done for you not a damn thing so don’t tell nothing about him being a victim he killed a innocent boy , so what if he drugs in his system I’m pretty sure Zimmerman did before too , second he should of listened to that officer and stained in his damn truck he knew what his intenses was , now with that being said get off my comments and let me have my own damn opinion , you’re dismissed , thank you have a wonderful day

        • So you’re better inform , oh just shut the fuck up , you weren’t at the real trial you just watched in on tv , don’t comment in my opinion then you won’t feel like you are getting attacked , yea and if you was there shit I bet travyon would beat your talk to much ass anyway , so now this is the last time I will said it stay off my got damn comment , I’m not talking to , I don’t even know you ,and I am educated thank you very much , you looking for attention commenting on everybody comment , better informed my ass move around dismissed

        • Drea, I agree with you that you are not educated to the facts and the reason why you may feel like kicking other people’s butt is because you are sooooooo disappointed in how you turned out. Don’t worry, your next welfare check may be available in just a couple of weeks, use that time to educate yourself on the actual facts of this case if you still desire to comment upon this topic, would be my suggestion to you. God bless.

        • You’re so funny and so ignorant and just want attention , I find it so funny you’re trying to insult me but in actuality you’re just entertaining me that’s too funny , yea okay if you say I’m not educated but yet I am about to graduate with 3 degrees and I work hard for my money so say what you want i dont need welfare but one day you will be that same person talking down on me but One day I will laugh at your ignorance cause you’ll be working for me so again say what you want and yes god has already blessed so save your blessing for someone that need it preferably yourself and have a wonderful night and life may god blesss you and your partings lol

        • Drea, I realize you are ignorant of the facts and that is why I am trying to be as kind as I can dealing with your lack of education and your lack of knowledge regarding your attacks, your insults, and your demeaning comments you make on this case and against an innocent man, as well as against a teenage boy that was too high at the time to realize what he was doing that could result in his own death. WordPress has 114 complaints in your name alone, and I think that speaks volumes to any comment you want to post here. Trolls are not welcomed, so I suggest you just go back to your own drug-usage and your own bottles Drea. Best wishes for you and your recovery., too bad your bud-Trayvon didn‘t get the help in time to deal with his intoxicants too.

        • Haha awww am I making the little baby mad apparently I am , there you go trying to insult that’s funny you’re irrelevant you’re just all talk and so think you the shit but remember you’re just Internet talking staying behind them keys and just typing I don’t care who don’t like what I have to say , if I’m a troll then what the hell are you I appreciate the compliment its very flattering thank you very much , trying to down me you myst be the one with the problem best wishes with your recovery go back to your drug habits , you’re funny thank you for the laughs it was fun

        • Please people, do not respond to Jan Corey’ comments because it makes him feel important. He actually believes his on drivel. Ignore all his comments because Jan Corey does not exist. Remember, A LION does not concern himself with the opinion of the SHEEP!!

        • Funny but factual and you are definitely out of control, at least according to your parole agent.

        • To my people, the Blacks on this website: I think Jan Corey wants to be black. He has spent an awful lot of time trying to insinuate insults against Trayvon Martin. Isn’t Black a beautiful thing. Jan do you suntan to achieve color and only wish it could stay that way? HAHAHAHAHA, you are so ridicously funny and sad. Trayvon will be visiting you soon.

        • I agree with many others on a different site that claim you are mentally-ill-Liz, I wish you the best though and may I suggest to not allow the facts of this case continue to scare you so much because it is making you appear so foolish and defiant. Maybe a change in your medication-regiment might help.

        • There is no other website moron. You are the poster child for mental illness. Are you doing methampethamines and drinking moonshine , your drugs of choice? We as a Black race don’t need your input. Take your bulls**t back to the trailer park you sick MF.

        • Liz, I posted on the other site that is still discussing your psychosis that you do not believe it exists and the reply’s are coming in so fast I haven’t been able to keep up with reading them all. You are clearly not able to understand the basic fundamentals of this case so your approach to attack others who are better-informed then yourself just makes you look silly and foolish.


    19. Dumbasses took all that time to deliberate just so this wingnut can walk. Just a matter of time before he kills again. Ignorance and wrecklessness won tonight. The world is round.

      • PHKatz, exactly, a beverage in a metal can IS a weapon as well as the use of cement against a head with no helmet is also a crime. And, being high on an illegal substance is also a crime. Like the case pointed out, had Trayvon lived, he would have been charged with multiple felonies for his attack against George Zimmerman.

        • So Trayvon was carrying a concealed weapon between the drink and sidewalk. Riiiight. Which Zimmerman wouldn’t have had to kiss had he remained in his vehicle in the first place.

        • George was following directions from police-dispatch who was asking where was Trayvon going and George had to move to identify the address to send the police. I see you, PHKatz, are embarrassed about being wrong about this case for so long, that must be hard on you. My sympathies to you, hopefully you learn the facts first next time before you jam your own foot down your throat next time like you did on this case.

    20. You mean to tell me that fat #*# killed a boy & was out on bail.Now he has gotten off & no black child is safe.When will we wake up & realize black life is not valued.Stop falling pray to false Gods & educate yourselves.Stop giving your $ to those who support killing us starting with boycotting Florida tourism & I live there.Yes I said it!Anyone who knows me knows my family is multi ethnic & not racist.Black people in this country spend more consumer $ than anyone;FACT!The screams on the call of Trayvon losing his life would make anyone with a soul shudder.What if it was your child?Sickening & the Devils were on that Jury.

      • Kennedy, if blacks stop committing crimes, they will have nothing to fear. Trayvon committed crimes and now, thank God, he’s dead now; a good lesson for other black offenders.

    21. r we going to complain or do something? are we prepared to boycott tourism in florida until this law changes? this law obviously lets us know they dont want us and we’re not safe, so why would we go? is tom joyner ready to move the family reunion and the cruise port locations?let’s not talk about it, be about it!

      • I think something was already done Carol, Trayvon was shot dead and according to the court, that was a good thing and not unlawful. Maybe it was because he was high on dope at the time he assaulted Mr. Zimmerman.

        • Don’t play video games u nut. It is best I assume you are a nut than you to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        • Nuts are delicious RJ, and George Zimmerman is not guilty of the crimes alleged by the prosecutor and he will soon become a billionaire after the lawsuits are won against all that have defamed him, likely putting many businesses out of business. Gun-Control is being able to hit your target.

    22. The “not guilty” verdict is no surprise to my family. The justice system failed the Martin family just as it failed my family.
      My nephew was killed by a Caucasian male driver after he fatally struck him while driving on an expired driver’s license in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2005. The legal system in Chattanooga abetted this driver and those in the vehicle with him (minors) by lying and covering up evidence. The Chattanooga Police did not arrest the driver and they did not impound his vehicle. My nephew’s wrongful death was quickly swept under the rug because the parents of one of the minors in the vehicle had ties to the local media. My family was deliberately blocked by attorneys of the legal system from having a day in court against this twenty-year old driver who killed my eighteen-year old nephew three weeks before he was to graduate from high school.
      As of 2010, my nephew’s murderer is now an attorney practicing law in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is now part of the wicked justice system in Chattanooga that blocked my family from obtaining justice. He has the opportunity to become a judge at some point in his life. He, having made it this far in the justice system after wrongfully murdering my nephew, is a serious threat to future generations of African Americans as well as others.
      I had been serving in the United States military fifteen years when this incident happened to my family. I am still in the United States military. Some of you fail to realize that unless you walk in our shoes and experience institutional racism, you will never know our pain and suffering. My heart goes out to the Martin family.

      • Jackie, the system did not fail the Martin family imo, the Martin family failed their son Trayvon, to raise him right, to teach him not to assault other people, and to not do drugs or be failing in school.

        • You are a sad excuse for a human being. Trayvon didn’t pound his head hard enough and faster enough. Its the likes of you that will forever have that supremacy attitude. You are a sick SOB.

        • Liz, I am not sick at all, no signs or even symptoms as you claim. I am, however, factual about this case and the fact the world is now a better place without the presence of a criminal named Trayvon Martin. Now, it time to hold his parents responsible for his criminal acts of trying to kill a victim-Zimmerman.

        • Since you are all up in George Zimmerman’s ass, I see why you are spewing your bulls**t. Eat s**t and die you racist bastard.

        • Facts don’t lie Liz and that’s why George Zimmerman was acquitted. Sorry you cannot handle the truth.

        • You wouldn’t know the truth if Trayvon returned just to beat the crap out of you the same way he did that bitch George Porgie, puddin’ pie, got his ass whupped and began to cry.

        • Liz, George Porgie, puddin’ pie, got his ass whupped and began to cry, then Trayvon died with a bullet to his heart. Good, and it was legal.

        • It is a failure of the justice system when someone is found not guilty after following and killing a person vigilante-style.

        • It is not an injustice of the system, it is true-Justice to be able to shoot and kill an attacker of a victim whose head is being smashed against a cement sidewalk. I would have shot Trayvon more, I think he got off too easy, Jackie.

        • jan if you enter my space I will whip your Ass and the only way I don’t if I recognize you as friend.

        • Rogenia Troup, I would love to be whipped by you, can we add some whipped cream to top it off? Don’t hurt me too bad because if I feel threatened or you injure me to the point of fearing for my life, a different result may be achieved.

        • JanCorey

          The same can be said for the Caucasian male that wrongfully murdered my nephew. However he, his siblings, and his friends (those who were with him in the vehicle at the time he fatally struck my nephew) got a free pass to remain in society because their parents and others within the legal system contributed to covering up a crime.

      • Jackie,
        It hurts to read your story – another sign of an injustice. The death of your nephew is disheartening, but really sticks out, is the thought of his murderer having the opportunity to one day become a judge!
        Thanks for sharing and most importantly, thanks for your service!

        • Keeba,
          Thanks for your words of comfort. The crooked justice system in Chattanooga, Tennessee denies justice to African Americans through acts of institutionalized, covert racism on a regular basis. It should be a disgrace to this whole country that the family of an individual serving in this country’s military was treated in such an inhumane manner. I guess my family will never see them imprisoned for the injustice that they’ve done to us. The fact that this Caucasian male was never arrested, abetted by those within the legal system, and allowed to become an attorney in Chattanooga in 2010 after wrongfully murdering my nephew should come as no surprise to African Americans. After all, Tennessee is the origin of the Ku Klux Klan. Feel free to pass my story along.

    23. Wake up black america. O.J. gets life for saying don’t let anyone leave. Michael Vick gets two years for choking a dog and Plaxico Burris gets two years for shooting himself. But poor George gets nothing for profiling, stalking and killing a black child.
      And we respond in the usual predictable manner, with picket signs, picket lines and marches. It is time to get off of the dance floor, educate ourselves and join the policy making sector of society. The Montgomery boycott succeeded because the transit authority lost revenue. Paula Deen was fired because those companies feared losing black revenue. Civil rights laws and policies are under attack by politicians and the supreme court because there are no economic incentives to keep them on the books. Money is what drives the entire world and picket lines will never change the status quo.

      • George gets nothing Junebug, at least up until his winnings from his upcoming lawsuits against the state of Florida, the prosecutors of the case, against the bloggers who wrote defamatory comments,, and against Trayvon’s parents that will all lose big time in civil courts. Buckle up.

      • One way 2 show our disappointment with the Just-us system is 2 boycott Florida as vacation spot – hit the pockets

    24. I work at one of the largest retailers in the world. White people are buying up as many AR-15′s as possile, any shot gun, rifle or ammunition they can get their hands on do to standing their grou d and keeping white supremcy. Black people pray for peace and pray that God protect our children.

    25. George Zimmerman is free only by the definition of the word. Zimmerman will be imprisoned in his mind for the rest of his natural born hateful life. He will continue to look over his shoulder and he’d better be packing, because his skills for fighting are sorely lacking. His legal team are so smug that if they could have broken out in black face and a banjo, they would have. We as a society, will forever be polarized.. Trayvon Benjamin Martin lost his life because a wanna be cop followed him when he was told by police dispatch not to. Now tell me Don West and Mark Omara why do you feel your client was done wrong? Shame on the justice system for defending the killer of a young man who was only minding his business.

      • I agree with you Liz that is fantastic that thug-Trayvon was eliminated. George Zimmerman should be given an award.

        • Why don’t you go find a gun and award yourself with one bullet between the eyes. Sorry piece of S**t.

        • I do have a bunch of firearms but I can’t shoot myself Liz, I only shoot criminals. Trayvon was a criminal and now he’s dead. Good, and good riddens to him.

    26. As the mother with two black sons this verdict makes me more fearful That my innocent Sons cannot walk the streets minding their own business. There will be no justice for my children. It is bad enough they have targets on their back on a daily basis From so many avenues. But to know that should there be an incident they will have no recourse. So sad. Not surprising but sad. I suppose if nothing is being done to stop crimes on our children that occur on a daily basis, Should not expect this case to have a different ending. And I didn’t but I was hoping to be proved wrong this time. Prayers for peace and healing for Trayvon’s mother and father. I can’t imagine the betrayal they feel right now and having had to mourn his death again for this mess.

    27. Folks STOP Giving up your weapons….you WILL NEED THEM for self defense. It remains OPEN SEASON ON NEGROES- COLOREDS-BLACKS-AFRICAN AMERICANS-MIXED RACE-ETC.

    28. Please don’t respond to the ignorant racist that post. There is a black woman in jail for 20 yrs in Jacksonville for shooting a warning shot at her abusive husband did not kill him. Then there is a white and spanish male that killed a person that is free to kill again. .


      • Jordan, we need a Shot-A-Hoodie-Day where there will no prosecution of anyone who shoots a hoodie that is attacking them.

        • JanCorey why are you on black america you should be at your KKK MEETING WRONG SITE MUST BE NICE TO PUT YOUR HATE ONLINE YOU ARE A COWARD

        • Why you are racist is something only you can explain Jordan, I just post the facts of the case.

    30. Trayvon’s parents hold the power to STOP THE RIOTING: by apologizing to the White Community for raising a racist thieving violent substance abusing THUG who targeted a man he THOUGHT was White for a violent attack.

      APOLOGIZE NOW Mr. Martin and Ms. Fulton! NOW while there is time and no other senseless deaths have been caused!!

      • George Zimmerman acquitted and Trayvon Martin is dead as a result of attacking and bashing Zimmerman‘s head onto the cement sidewalk; a win-win of a case, thanks to the jurors who provided a verdict for the truth. Let the lawsuits against the state and against Trayvon’s parents begin!

    31. Why the shock? Did you really expect something different? It took some time for Zimmerman to even be arrested and charged. That should have spoken truth to you. A jury of his peers???? Six white woman…no men of any ethnicity on top of no African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, or any other group represented there. Should have spoken volumes to you. Nothing has changed or hasn’t anyone noticed. That cloud of smoke that has and continues to blind and choke Americans to the realities of this nation’s attitude towards race and equality will forever continue to do so unless and until we as an American people wake up and acknowledge, across the board, that even now in 2013 there is a deep wound spewing poison throughout our nation. This wound needs to be cleaned and dressed and allowed to heal and be made whole. I am proud to be an American, proud to be an African-American and one of my most passionate prayers is for America to honestly and truthfully come to terms with its past so that our future will be as bright as it was intended to be.

      • I agree Maureen, the acquittal was inevitable, and I am so thankful this world has one less illegally-high-thug in it.

      • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you’re so foolish, smart people knew this would be the result from the get-go; sorry you weren’t one of them Anita.


      • Yes, Tom, it is what it is and this shows that facts of Trayvon attacking George was proven in court. I only wish I was there to add a few more bullets up each of Trayvon’s nostrils when he attacked George. Congratulations George, we knew this day was coming from the start. There is no place on this earth for dopehead-gangsta-thugs.

        • Well if we go along with some of the more ignorant comments OJ Simpson is innocent too. After all the courts found him Not Guilty. I guess Casey Anthony’s daughter deserved to die too, since she wouldn’t stop crying and her momma had to put tape over her mouth. Yeah it makes perfect sense here in America!

        • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you’re so foolish, smart people knew this would be the result from the get-go.

    33. George Zimmerman acquitted and Trayvon Martin is dead as a result of attacking and bashing Zimmerman‘s head onto the cement sidewalk; a win-win of a case, thanks to the jurors who provided a verdict for the truth. Let the lawsuits against the state and against Trayvon’s parents begin!

        • momosity, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you’re so foolish, smart people knew this would be the result from the get-go.

        • momosity: You are wasting your time responding to hate mongers. The best policy is to just ignore them, and not feed into their madness.

        • I agree with Joy, hate mongers are not trying to explain this case to others that have some questions, they simply spread hate.

      • Jan,
        Please take the Wounded Warrior Project Avatar off your profile. You do not represent the Army I serve in very well. And I agree with the verdict, but I think Zimmerman used very poor judgement that ended a young man’s life. Why are you celebrating that. I agree there was not a enough to convict “beyond a reasonable doubt, but come on there are no winners here.

        • We need a national Shot-A-Hoodie-Day where there will no prosecution of anyone who shoots a hoodie that is attacking them.

    34. I truly believe that the system is not fair to blacks. I am not happy Travon is dead, Zimmerman should have stayed in his car.

      With that said in this case based on the FACTS, I do not see how Zimmerman could have been found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”. The problem is that while it was horrible judgement to follow Trayvon, and have a gun on him while doing so I WAS NOT A CRIME. Then there was very credible evidence and witness’ saying that Trayvon was the aggressor. Every witness that the prosecution brought the defense brought one just as credible to negate it. At the end of the day it is innocent until PROVEN guilty. There were just to many unknowns to convict.

      There may not even be enough here for a civil wrongful death suit.

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