Yolanda Adams is a big figure in gospel. Literally and figuratively as the statuesque singer is known for both her height and her soaring vocals. She’s lending her talents to the Verizon “How Sweet the Sound” gospel competition, now in its’ 6th year, which selects the top gospel choir in America.

The winning choir receives $50,000 and a recording contract. Let the church say Amen. Adams, Tamela Man and Donald Lawrence are co-hosts this year, while Vashawn Mitchell and Hezekiah Walker are the judges. All of these gospel stalwarts will perform at each stop, which includes New Orleans, Dallas, Baltimore, Detroit, and Atlanta with the finale in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale now.

“I am so glad to be with Donald Lawrence again. We are looking for the best gospel choir in America and it kicks off in New Orleans on September 27nd. The choir has to at least have 20 people to qualify as a choir and can go from 20 up to 250 people. But you got to be able to sing!”

If you watch BET’s “Sunday Best” then you know Adams has perfected the craft of the gentle rejection, something that she says is also necessary for “How Sweet the Sound.”

“I do like I do on “Sunday Best.” Um, that’s not quite what we’re looking for. And do it very nicely. I’ve gotten some horrible tweets and emails. How can you tell those people that they can’t sing? You tell them they caint sing, cause they canint! You’re good for a choir. You’re good to sing behond the pastor when he’s about to open up the doors of the church but not to be out there on your own.”

Buy tickets for “How Sweet the Sound here.

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