Wife Kills Husband Minutes After He’s Released From Jail

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8 thoughts on “Wife Kills Husband Minutes After He’s Released From Jail

  1. It’s a good thing she was allowed a weapon to defend herself…. libs would much prefer you calll the cops than have a weapon in the house… this story could have a much different ending if it hadn’t been for that bad ol gun.

  2. Although it is sad that this resulted in his execution but he was asking for it. I don’t know I guess he figured his goods were just that good that he could Wow her back into his horrors that all that d would make her forget or even forgive the abuse that he put her through for so many years. Restraining Orders unfortunately don’t mean a damn thing to many of these abusers, in their minds it is just a piece of paper that even though is from the court, has no value at all. Good For You Maam and may God Bless You and Your Children for the years of turmoil that you all had to endure…….you are now finally free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Carl preach the truth brother. While these other fools wait around for a government handout, we making good for ourselves. I did $12K in June alone. This Playa is on his way, might be time to start looking for a white woman.

  4. The whole restraining orders to me are a big joke. I wish someone would do a study on just how many people actually die, despite the retraining orders, where as the people who actually protected.

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