Fla. Cities on Guard For Any Post-Zimmerman Unrest

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Bruno spoke after a Community Relations Board meeting this week that drew several hundred people to a Miami Gardens library auditorium, some of them wearing “Justice for Trayvon” T-shirts and many asking sharp-edged questions about the trial. Still, the overall theme was peace.

“Please, no violence. We don’t want any violence. None,” said Miriam Martin, one of Trayvon Martin’s aunts.

One potential advantage mentioned by several law enforcement officials: school is out for summer, meaning there is no ready-made rallying point for young people to gather.

Still, authorities are taking no chances, particularly in the Miami area which has had riots in the past connected to racially-charged court cases.

The worst rioting occurred in 1980 in the mostly-black Liberty City and Overtown neighborhoods of Miami, after four white police officers were acquitted in the death of Arthur McDuffie, a black Marine Corps veteran. McDuffie was beaten to death by police trying to stop him for a traffic violation. The three-day riot killed 18 people and did some $100 million in damage.

The Miami-Dade Police Department’s intelligence operation, known as the Southeast Florida Fusion Center, has been combing social media to monitor signs of unusual interest in Zimmerman’s trial. The center also acts as a platform for South Florida’s numerous police agencies to quickly share information.

The department’s deputy director, Juan Perez, said law enforcement’s goal is to allow for peaceful rallies or protests but be ready in case violence flares. Perez said plans call for establishment of “First Amendment Zones” in certain neighborhoods if crowds do gather, so people can exercise their rights.

“We want to make sure people have the right to protest,” Perez said. But if there are problems, he added: “Our job is going to be to minimize those opportunities to rob a store or shoplift.”

To the north in Broward County, Sheriff Scott Israel and his staff have organized several meetings with African-American church and community leaders and recently began airing a public service TV ad featuring Miami Heat player James Jones. The ad’s theme is “Raise Your Voice, Not Your Hands” and it also stresses a nonviolent approach.

“We don’t have information about a specific event that might take place at the conclusion of the trial, but we encourage everyone to keep any protests peaceful,” Israel said.

Similarly, in central Florida, religious leaders have been encouraged to attend the trial and discuss it with their congregations. Up to four courtroom seats were reserved for clergy on a rotating basis, and more than a dozen churches have held regular Monday prayer sessions during the trial.

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8 thoughts on “Fla. Cities on Guard For Any Post-Zimmerman Unrest

  1. Y’know, you idiots should be utterly ashamed of yourselves.

    George Zimmerman was the SOLE INDIVIDUAL who fought for, and gained justice for, a black man abused by white cops in Sanford in the year or so before the Martin situation.

    You can claim a lot of stuff but the notion that Zimmerman was racially motivated is such an indefensible load of CRAP it’s disgusting.

    I’m not going to debate the justice here over the Martin case, because you don’t give a damned about justice, you just want revenge you’ve been told you deserve by a bunch of self-serving charlatan BASTARDS who exist solely to exacerbate racial issues. You’re playing into THEIR hands by not THINKING like rational human beings.

    You are nothing but the worst kind of RACISTS yourselves — you are not judging this case on any EVIDENCE, you convicted Zimmerman for being LIGHT SKINNED just as surely as any cracker kangaroo court in the 30s ever convicted a black man for being black in the wrong place at the wrong time…

    You can’t get JUSTICE for those wrongs by wronging some HISPANIC guy NOW.

    Shame on you. Just SHAME.

  2. To the north in Broward County, Sheriff Scott Israel and his staff have organized several meetings with African-American church and community leaders and recently began airing a public service TV ad featuring Miami Heat player James Jones.
    Funny…… Why don’t they reach out to these people and the black community on a regular basis to create better relations between law enforcement and the black community? Whay aren’t they reaching out to the white community and others BEFORE shit like this happen to help cultivate better relations? And what are they doing in the white community if Zimmerman is found guilty as he should be? The black community should be offended. This is the ONLY time everyone wants peace is after violence has been commited against the black community. If Zimmerman is aquitted I hope the black community let loose a wrath that these maggots will never forget. The white community needs a wake up call. They continue to treat minorities as inferior because they know they can always play the none violent card and try to make blacks feel bad for feeling so kind of way due to this unjust treatment that has been going on far to long. Violence may be what it takes for these animals (violent and racist whites).

  3. We as Black people need to be aware that at the rate we murder each other is just an approval that it’s okay to kill a black child.

    • GI stop making excuses for those animals. Whites have been killing black men and women long before black on black crime became an issue. They depend on blacks like you to fight their cause within your community while they sit back and watch the divide. The real problem in the black community is no loyalty to your race. They will support a murder if he comes out of their community but the black community will turn their backs on one another for the least little thing just to look better in the eyes of the real enemy. They don’t give a damn about you and never will.

      • First of all let me apologize if you felt I was making excuses for someone who just murdered a young man-that wasn’t my intent-I have a son of my own. As far as Whites been killing blacks a long time ago and B on B has just become an issue is correct-the fact is –it is an issue. It doesn’t receive depth of attention it deserves. I believe we often focus on the past because we have certain leaders and interest groups that focus on elevating their own race driven agendas instead of addressing some real issues that are going on now. Our past is important and so is our present day issues. Someone was talking about James Brown song called “Escapism”, – is that what were living? – is it easier to talk about issues and leaders of the past instead of what we have to do now?
        Loyalty-I have loyalty-but if loyalty means I must wear a t-shirt they sell in Chicago with “Chi-raq” (look it up), not recognize “a small sub-culture that glorifies violence and lives and dies by the gun.”(look up the FBI stats), not recognize failure of urban K-12 schools , not identifying the bbreakdown of the family is an important problem, have leaders focus on something which never impacts our everyday life, like gay marriage, but ignores crime and poverty in the African-American community, etc-NO-I’m not loyal to that.

        I won’t tell you too much about me but I can guarantee you that I am a strong supporter of my community-have spent my time volunteering my time doing multiple projects and mentoring kids.

  4. Zimmerman was right and he knows it for sure now. Those f-ing a-holes (the racial profiling murders comprised of Zimmerman and many other racist nameless a-holes…) always get away with it. We as Black people need to be aware that the Zimmerman matter is just a approved that it’s okay to kill a black child. Just go after him with a gun and when he defends himself, shoot him in the heart. Then get a jury who is racially incapable of not doubting a black man’s motives as anything but asking for it. The only time you can trust a white woman with a black man’s future is when you nows there are some $$ or a feeding of her ego (because she can’t get that from a white man) in it for her. Otherwise, they scare them. I have seen this personally. By all accounts, Zimmerman is guilty of murder. Had he killed a white man, he would be on death row by now.

    • ” By all accounts, Zimmerman is guilty of murder. Had he killed a white man, he would be on death row by now.” By all accounts, when a Black man kills a Black man it’s………… Investigate the murder rates in major cities-don’t rely on anyone for the information. What percentage of murders are like the Trayvon case compared to Black on Black – put some fair energy into that.

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