EXCLUSIVE: Deion Sanders Says Tracey Edmonds Puts It Down

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    If you’ve been wondering how former NFL player turned sports analyst turned educator Deion Sanders is doing after his second divorce, finalized just last week, well, he’s doing just fine. Awarded full custody of his three children with now ex-wife Pilar Sanders, Deion has rebounded with film executive Tracey Edmonds. They can certainly bond over their marital drama. Edmonds has also been divorced twice, including once from actor Eddie Murphy in a marriage that had no legal standing in the U.S. and lasted just two weeks.

    Asked about his contentious divorce, Sanders told The Tom Joyner Morning Show that although the legalities are complete, divorce drags on regardless.

    “You know what, it’s final but it ain’t never final,” Sanders said. “You gon’ always have [issues]. When people are unhappy, they want to inflict unhappiness on other people and I’m not a sad person. I’m always upbeat and outgoing. Hurt people hurt people. Hurt people try to kill people. That boy from New England, he was hurt!”

    When asked about why he gained full custody, Sanders posed a question himself.

    “I’d like to ask that another way – how is it that a woman wins full custody over a man? Just because a woman – its indicative that she birthed the children – that does not constitute that she’s a mother. As well it does not constitute a man being a father just because he has the utensil to produce a child. I’m a real daddy. I know all my kid’s shoe sizes, I do all their shopping, I know all their teachers, I do everything for them. They’re just getting to Prime Prep now. I do everything for my babies. I always have.”

    Sanders says he’d prefer to make headlines for the right reasons. He says his two charter schools – Prime Prep Academy in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas are what he’d rather be known for.

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    8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Deion Sanders Says Tracey Edmonds Puts It Down

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    2. Go on with your FAbulous self Mr. Sanders. Luvs Ya and Thank you!! You are putting our youth in the so so right DIRECTION!!!!! Thank you!!!!

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