TRIED & TRUE: A Shampoo & Conditioner That Your Hair Will Love You For!

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    Earlier this year I signed up for a hair service at the launch of a new hair product line called Agave, derived from the Mexican Blue Agave Plant, not really thinking that that the public relations team who set up the event would actually make me go through with it. I was so wrong.

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    I walked into the New York City salon (whose name escapes me now) and didn’t see another me, so I began to wonder if I’d made the right decision to lend my mane over to complete strangers, who I believed wouldn’t know the first thing about how to work with my type of hair. But a professional is a professional and since my presence didn’t raise the eyebrow of the stylist scheduled to do my hair, I was confident that the outcome would be well worth the wait.

    agave healing oil Smoothing ShampooOnce I placed my reservations on the curb, I laid my head in the shampoo bowl and waited for miracle to occur – the miracle being that I’d like the product line. Within moments, I was immediately overcome by the amazing fragrance of the Agave Smoothing Shampoo ($25, which took me on a tropical vacation for the entire length of my service.

    After the shampoo, came, in my view the most stressful part – the conditioner. The fear was that the conditioner wouldn’t leave my long curly hair (albeit, weaved-in tresses) feeling soft, moisturized and tangle-free…I was proven wrong again. Lightweight and made to tame frizz as it moisturizes and shines, the Agave Smoothing Conditioner ($25, made a believer out of me, not a knot in sight and my hair felt really soft.

    And now onto the last styling step… the Agave Oil Treatment ($40, Always leery of any product that has the potential of taking the body out my big hair, I let the stylist know of my concerns and she proceeded with caution. Made with Agave Sugars to hydrate and moisturize, Vanilla and coconut to condition and increase elasticity, Wheat Proteins that add strength and shine & Madagascar Baobab Seed Oil to nourish and transform the hair’s outer layer, I knew my tresses were in good hands with the ‘Oil Treatment.’ Armed with one pump of product worked through each section of hair – three in all, it was time diffuse the curls and get me out the door.

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