Porsha Stewart Learns What Could Have Saved Her Marriage [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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    Porsha Stewart learns from a letter to Pastor Kerney what could have possibly saved her marriage. Listen to the audio below as Porsha hears all the things that she should’ve done to avoid getting a divorce. Also hear Pastor Kerney’s prayer for Kordell Stewart!

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    2 thoughts on “Porsha Stewart Learns What Could Have Saved Her Marriage [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

    1. who? and she’s still a nobody. a dingbat, wannabe celebrity, married old man Kordell to be kept, etc etc etc….

    2. What would have saved Porsha’s marriage is if she would have been more of a maid, more submissive to her man with know dreams for herself, not refute anything her husband had to say to her, and yes, allowed him to slap her and beat her at his will if he wanted to.

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