Musician Shannon Sanders Using the Power of Words and Music

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  • We shine the light on Shannon Sanders, a man who’s already earned two Grammys, two Emmys and a Dove Award.

    Shannon is an independent artist with an incredibly impactful voice and a powerful message, especially for men.

    This time, the focus is on Shannon the producer and we found the timing to be just as fitting. As the Grammy-winning soul artist India.Arie debuts her fifth album, “SongVersation,” she has continued her collaboration with Shannon—the producer and songwriter who has helped to establish her signature sound. He’s also the musical director who brings her studio efforts to life on stage.

    Being that Shannon has worked with artists like John Legend, Heather Headley, Robert Randolph, Jonny Lang, Anthony David, Eric Benet and most recently Algebra (he produced her current single “Nobody But You”), we wanted his perspective on what it means to be a music producer and what it takes to create a lasting impression in this industry.

    “Honestly, I don’t think that people simply decide to be a producer,” shares Shannon. “It’s just kind of who you are. It requires having a certain way of listening, a different kind of love and appreciation for music and being willing to see the potential in someone. It’s kind of like the running back vs. the coach [in a football game]. The ball represents opportunity.  As the producer, it’s my job to come up with opportunities, and it’s your job to run the ball.  At the end of the day, I’m working alongside you so that you can win. It’s not about me. It’s about bringing out the best in you.”

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