How To Wed Like A Celeb…Even If You’re Broke

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  • wedding-budgetWe all swoon over the fabulous, over-the-top nuptials that we see in the gossip magazines and on blogs. But, let’s be real. The normal, everyday bride can rarely afford the huge floral arrangements, the celebrity chef, the national recording artist performance and the silk linens flown in from New Zealand.

    What’s a bride to do?

    I suggest that you select three key elements that fall into your over-the-top category. You don’t have to give up on your dream of having celebrity wedding elements….you just might need to scale down your expectations.

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    For example, I think every event can use custom lighting. The lighting is a key element that really brings home the “Wow” factor. Talk to your venue to find out if they offer lighting. DJ companies have started offering uplighting as well. And you can also contact a local production company that can provide anything from basic event lighting to the spectacular lighting you see at large-scale events.

    A second element that you might want to include could be the big floral arrangements, but you need to keep things in perspective. Perhaps you can’t afford the 25 fancy arrangements that you saw on your favorite celebrity wedding blog. But perhaps you can afford five arrangements. Fill in the other 20 tables with smaller, more scaled down versions that use the same types of flowers or very similar flowers. This way, you still have arrangements that will make your guests gasp when they enter the room, but you won’t pass out when you see the floral bill.

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    A Buffet At Your Wedding Could Be A Waste Of Money

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    One thought on “How To Wed Like A Celeb…Even If You’re Broke

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