Commentator Rejects BET Apology Over Attire Clash

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“This was my day to come out in one of the biggest days of my career and I was publically humiliated,” he said. “I’m just hurt by it. I just want people to know that it’s ok to be who you are.”

Still, Scott said he had some supporters at the network and believes the mandate to change came from a single executive. He also said he could see working with the network again “if I knew for sure that they wanted me to be there and I could express myself how I normally express myself and my brand.”

BET noted that it had worked with several LBGT personalities in the past without incident and said it “embraces global diversity in all its forms and seeks to maintain an inclusive workforce and a culture that values all perspectives and backgrounds.”

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26 thoughts on “Commentator Rejects BET Apology Over Attire Clash

  1. First off, BET positions themselves as bottom of the barrel entertainment if you ask me. There has not been an ounce of programming on that station worthwhile in years, the award shows get trashier and trashier. He was doing his job as a professional. He’s a lifestyle blogger who happens to specialize in fashion. He wouldn’t have gotten to where he was if he were dressing like Lil Wayne. And to sit around and say him/her, how ignorant? seriously… I’m gonna assume because your name is Buckwheats Momma you go around saying “Otay” and you have nappy hair?

    • Wow!
      How stupid, ignorant, and short sighted you must be to assume that LOL!
      Dear, we all have an opinion. This is a social media blog/board.
      Take your head out of your ass because it must be spinning around up in there.

  2. All you black homophobes where are you when really activism is happening. Stop being slaves and slave minded and learn how to think for yourselves. BET showing all that damn stupid shit anyway wasn’t worth it. Negros need to stop trying to imitate white people it will never work and their will never be any acceptance, as well stop doing to our own what has been done to US. Stop the cycle of stupid black folk

  3. I feel that since the LGBT community has been liberated and legalized so to speak, that any opinions or comments made by someone who is heterosexual is being silenced! Don’t press me with your beliefs and I won’t press you with mine! I do believe in our constitution that we have the right to Freedom of Speech!!
    Unfortunately The BET Awards Show is perceived to be on the bottom of the “Awards Shows” hierarchy. So just like in Corporate America, we continue to have to prove ourselves and go the extra mile to be accepted. That’s the reality!

    • That’s the ignorance that continues to perpetrate the slave mentality that many Negros assimilate to. I will continue to pray that Negros become more critical thinking.

  4. halleluiah…and this is for every human being on this planet…R E S P E C T yourselves, respect comes for you after that

  5. I am so tired of all the gay people’s flap. What is so wrong with dressing appropriately for the event or occasion? He could have chosen something that suits the persona without looking like a flaming fool. Not accepting the apology ( which BET really did not owe him ) makes him seem like a prissy little snit with no manners. Please get over yourselves. It’s this annoying behavior that makes people give you a hard time.

    • Who determines what’s appropriate white people, straight people, green people? People are different and if it was a person from India and they dressed in their negative clothing would that not be appropriate or do now Negros whose whole understanding comes mainly from White American determine what’s appropriate? When you invite someone to an event knowing how they present themselves then it’s disrespectful, harmful, and down right fucking mean to then tell them to change clothes. Damn are any Negros on this site able to critically think without their religious influence speaking for them?

      • We progressed from being Negroes to African-Americans. Where you been?

  6. first of all BET doesn’t owe him or the LBGT community anything .They get on my nerves the LBGT so called community always feel that we as conservative Americans are supposed to walk around on pins and needles or walk on egg shells around them. BET was right for yanking him off he should be glad that BET even offered him a job.

  7. It’s ridiculous that they yanked him and made him change in the first place. He’s androgynous that’s his persona and image. That’s not fair to make him change, he looked fashion forward and wasn’t like he wasn’t wearing a Ellie Saab couture gown.

  8. Sorry, but that get-up/outfit sounded like it would look ridiculous, and I can see why BET yanked him/her!

    Yes, it is ok to be who your are, but one has a responsibility when they present themselves to a vast audience, and represents a Network. He may be professional, however his attire/heels/hair was not. There are ways to present yourself, and to be yourself without looking like a fool.

    BET did the right thing!

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