‘Can Zimmerman at Least Pretend to Be Interested in the Trial’ – D.L. HUGHLEY

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    Comedian D.L. Hughley calls into the Tom Joyner Morning Show to give us his take on Aaron Hernandez‘s murder arrest and the George Zimmerman trial including his defense of Rachel Jeantel.

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    8 thoughts on “‘Can Zimmerman at Least Pretend to Be Interested in the Trial’ – D.L. HUGHLEY

    1. Even though she came off as a clearly-mentally-challenged and uneducated black person, Rachel Jeantel appeared much more intelligent than most blacks I know.

    2. janCorey, Its motherfucker like you I hope get the worse when you ass die. You are a stupid ass person I hate people like you I hope one day someone finds out who you are and do something to you and your family than maybe you will understand color does not matter when a child is dead he was minding his own business, and he had a right to walk down the street. God will get people like you best the believe that you fucking ass cracker.

      • Beverly Ward, I too am soooo very happy that Trayvon Martin is now dead. No loss, he would have ended up in prison anyways since he was a drughead, been suspended from school multiple times, been in many fights previously and had no full-time job or any job for that matter. Don’t forget, he was high on illegal dope at the time he attacked Mr. Zimmerman. Thank God Mr. Zimmerman eliminated the threat on his life.

    3. In the Trayvon Martin case, the nigger attacked the cracker and the cracker shot and killed the nigger before the cracker lost consciousness from the attack by the nigger. Thankfully, the nigger is now dead.

    4. I’ll be brief since my initial message timed out and I don’t want to try and recreate it. But I must say this is a sad state of affairs. I actually had to detox with no electric devices no tv, laptop, tablet etc., because reading peoples comments over Zimmerman and Deen have left me disheartened with people. I just recently made the mistake of reading comments on the Zimmerman trial and his supporters are strong and a lot openly racist… Trayvon supporters “dark demons” etc. Why are people treating this trial like a sporting event with whites on one side and blacks on the other? A child was shot and killed, but I guess some kids don’t count. The Deen situation is sad as well because people are latching on to the N word and not focusing on the EEOC violations which is really what this is about. With the Hernandez trial coming up I guess I should be glad the divide won’t be so big because frankly our country won’t care about a minority on minority crime. I’m really trying to keep my head up but it’s hard and trying.

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