Joe: I’m Taking Black Music Back

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Is songwriting hard for you? 

I’m very fortunate that it comes pretty easy for me. I think being a musicians certainly helps out with songwriting. I play guitar, piano, drums, so that process is very smooth. I love doing it. A lot of what you heard – those are songs I wrote and produced myself. And I’m playing the instruments on them as well.

Really? Ain’t nobody getting money with Joe.

(Laughs) When your hear things a certain way and you want them to be a certain way. I produced records back in the day for Xscape, Babyface Tina Turner, Barry White, and when you’re writing songs like that you hear them a certain way and you want to paint the picture a certain way. And I’ve worked with artists, not any of the ones I just mentioned, who couldn’t paint that picture. I became very comfortable with the hands on process.

Have your minister parents heard “Sex Music Smoke and Liquor” yet?  

They haven’t heard it yet. (Laughs) They say when you’re PK (Preacher’s Kid) sometimes we’re the baddest ones. I’m going all the way through with that whole image.

Watch Joe’s In Studio Jam here.

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