Woman Runs Over Lover With SUV After Only Three Months Of Dating!

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    Demarco Dent (pictured) is lucky to be alive after Iyana Mentor (pictured below), his lover of only three months, allegedly tried to run him down with her SUV three times, succeeding on the last try. Why would she try and run the man down, you may ask?  Because he couldn’t spend time with her after getting off work, reports WSB-TV.

    Mentor was arrested and is now facing charges of aggravated assault and hit-and-run.

    The violent lover’s spat began when Dent asked Mentor to drop him off at a specified location in Clayton County, Ga. As the couple drove on a highway, Dent, who had just gotten off work, alleges that Mentor became angry when he told her he could not spend any time with her because he was tired. Dent then alleges that Mentor did not take his news too kindly and began behaving irrationally, spewing profanities and driving recklessly.

    boyfriendDent told authorities that he then asked Mentor to let him out of her vehicle. When he began walking along a road, Dent said that Mentor u-turned her Acura truck and tried to run him over. He managed to dodge the woman’s first two attempts and sought safety near a gas station where he thought he would be safe.

    He was wrong!

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    4 thoughts on “Woman Runs Over Lover With SUV After Only Three Months Of Dating!

    1. This is why you cannot- “put it down” on every one you meet- some cannot handle it. He obviously gave her something good and she refused to do without and it drove her crazy. Get to know them first- lesson learned.

    2. “Woman Runs Over Lover With SUV After Only Three Months Of Dating!” I guess you should date at least six months before you run over your “lover?”

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