2013 Subaru Impreza WRX Special Edition: The Brand’s Street Legal Hotrod

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What’s New: The Subaru Impreza WRX is a limited-run Impreza WRX, which just became available this spring. The WRX Special Edition is available in two trim levels: WRX and WRX STI. The WRX Special Edition costs roughly $500 more than the Impreza WRX Premium model.

Pros: There is so much to like about this tricked-out WRX. It’s available in two colors, a vibrant, bright orange or a solid black. Just like the Impreza Premium package, this fun-to-drive sports sedan pushes out a whopping 265-horsepower from the four-cylinder turbo, whereas, the throatier WRX STI whips out 305 horses from underneath the hood. Yes, the WRX throaty-sounding exhaust mufflers, screams excitement.

Beyond the growl coming from underneath the WRX, the sports tuned suspension system, the orange trimmed performance seats, and the manual transmission easily puts the driver in race car mode even though this is an affordable, street legal hotrod.

Cons: For those seeking the latest high-tech feature, which has become the norm, you won’t find it on this Subaru.  There is no blind spot monitoring lane-changing system, no rear view camera, no leather seats and no push-button keyless ignition starter.

Also we were disappointed that the WRX with the 265-horsepower road runner wasn’t equipped with a more fuel-efficient, six-speed manual transmission.  In order to get the six-speed manual, one will have to get their hands on the extremely limited STI model, which has a price premium of about $6,000.

Lastly, the standard radio in the WRX Special Edition is disappointing. The sound quality isn’t what we expect from a performance sedan.  And, for those seeking this limited model in either a hatchback or with an automatic transmisson, they’ll be disappointed. This Subaru is only available in a sedan with a manual transmission.

The Verdict: For buyers seeking a tricked-out, limited edition, performance sedan, the WRX should fit the bill. Only 300 of these Impreza WRX Special Editions, with a manual transmission, will be available for the 2013 model year. And for those who are lucky enough to get their hands on one with the vibrant Tangerine Orange Pearl paint job, it’s sure to stand out amongst the crowd. It’s definitely not a me-too type of vehicle. Yes, unlike today’s world of mass-produced vehicles, there is a slim chance that one will see a duplicate of the WRX Special Edition model of on the road.

Furthermore, due to the exclusivity of this model, buyers should be willing to pay sticker or possibly a price premium for the WRX Special Edition. So, unless you are an extremely close friend (or a close family member) with the dealer, don’t expect a discount!

Competition:  As of now, we can’t think of any direct competitors for this sedan. If this was a hatchback, there would be a few that we could mention from the VW brand.

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