Martin Jurors Asked about Presumption of Innocence

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Prosecutors and defense attorneys are trying to pick six jurors and four alternates this week so they can start opening statements early next week.

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda began the second round of more intensive, personal questioning Wednesday with the potential jurors, whose names are kept confidential. The final jury will be sequestered throughout the trial.

Several jury candidates were involved with rescuing animals, and the pool included people who compete in arm-wrestling, fishing and barbecue competitions. Seven potential jurors said they had previously been arrested, but they said their cases had been dropped and they thought they’d been treated fairly.

Fourteen candidates said they had been victims of crimes, including four who’d been victims of violent crimes. A white woman in her 50s said it would be difficult for her to keep her experience with a violent crime out of the courtroom.

“It’s always in my mind,” she said.

Twenty-seven of the 40 potential jurors are white, seven are black, three are mixed race and three are Hispanic. Twenty-four are women and 16 are men.

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