Soul/Jazz Singer Maysa Talks “Blue Velvet Soul”

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You also worked with Incognito, one of the major groups of contemporary jazz. What was that experience like?

It was incredible. I’ve been around the world 3 or 4 times with them. It’s just been amazing. They travel on a consistent, constant basis. I can’t do it anymore. I have to stay home and take care of my son. But just to be exposed to different cultures, it was unbelievable. When you get onstage in different countries and people are singing every word of your songs, that was amazing to me. But that’s what music does.

What do you want your fans new and old to know about this project?
Well, this record is not jazz-influenced at all. I do a little bit of scatting here and there. Most of my records have had a jazz influence. But I find myself leaning more towards R&B music right now and doing it the old school way. R&B, soul music and funk music is in my spirit, it’s in my soul, in my DNA.

Some people want me to go back strictly to my jazz roots, but I’m definitely not there anymore. For people who don’t know my music, I think this record has enough variety on it to reach many people. I try to do my best to do records that are seamless.

I would never do a record with a filler song. Every record I do is carefully planned out with a theme or thought in mind. I hope everybody can find something in this music that is helpful to their life or makes them happy or helps them from a sad time to a happy time. That’s all I want to do in life. That’s my job.

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