33-Year-Old Deadbeat Dad On Why He Had 22 Kids: ‘I Was Young And Ambitious’

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  • Orlando Shaw deadbeat dad

    Orlando Shaw (pictured) of Nashville, Tenn., takes being a baby’s daddy to a new, unheard of level.

    WTVF-TV Nashville reports that the strapping 33-year-old man is the father of twenty-two children by fourteen women, a feat he blames on his past devotion to the ladies.

    “I was young and ambitious and I love women,” Shaw said of his undisciplined sperm shooting. “You can’t knock no man for loving women.”

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    Well, the mother of his children have certainly come knocking. Through Child Support Services, the mother of Shaw’s children are suing him for back child support amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. Currently, the state of Tennessee supports all of Shaw’s children to the sum of $7,000 per month.

    During an appearance in court this week, magistrate Scott Rosenberg asked how Shaw could even deal with his financial commitments to his children.

    “How do we apply our child support guidelines to this many children in this many households,” he said.

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