911 Operator’s Racist Facebook Rant: ‘Black People Are Like Animals’

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  • April Sims DallaGet up, a-get-get get down, Dallas, Texas, because 911 is definitely a joke in your town. And you have racist — now terminated — operator, April Sims, to thank for it.

    Sims took to her Facebook page to post bigoted, stereotypical insults about Black people, particularly those who call 911. Though her page is private, a friend sent screen caps to a local news station.

    One reads: ‘Black people are outrageous! They are more like animals, they never know how to act, just loud [expletive] Always causing problems.’

    ‘I can count on one hand the black people I know who don’t have [expletive] for brains.I can count on one hand the black people I know who aren’t selfish.’

    Another reads: ‘You want to call 911 cause your boyfriend put his hands on you and you want to press charges when you don’t even know his real name?!

    ‘Sure let’s make a police report for Dino, that is his street name.’

    Dallas Police Department fired her for violating their social media policy, which “prohibits employees from posting items or information that may adversely affect the morale, confidence, and public respect of the department,” reports the Daily Mail.

    She was just hired in December of 2012.

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    9 thoughts on “911 Operator’s Racist Facebook Rant: ‘Black People Are Like Animals’

    1. The hatred she posted is palpable. These are sad times. (Particularly in the U.S.) That said, I’ve been saying for a long time now that postings on Facebook are going to get some folks locked up, fired, hurt or worse. We all need to careful.

    2. Well all white folks and especially white women look like Honey Boo Boo mom and all white men are liable to snap and shoot and kill you. We should all be AFRAID.

    3. Ummm, Monique, it’s *911*!!!! Not a job interview!!!! These people are calling under extremely stressful circumstances, so, of course, their most basic communication skills will be at play.

      The issue that’s addressed in the article is how a *professional* public servant can be so ignorant and insensitive about people she’s serving to make comments like this in her public profile on Facebook, even if it’s with her “friends”. Now she knows how it feels to have her private opinions be discussed in pubilc.

      • That’s BS and you know it! You don’t base your judgements on a selective few individuals you encountered via telephone. If that’s the case you can throw ALL ethnic groups in your assumptions. You are moronic to think otherwise!

      • Hey Monique, I think you’re “stupid” at this particular time. I’m basing my judgment on what I read…can you blame me??

      • Another thing, if you read my post; I said, ‘ Some of us!’ I didn’t say she wasn’t wrong for the comment! She is commenting based on what she has to deal with! Yes, mainstream america is just as stupid as any other race!

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