Lauryn Hill Denies Homophobia Via Tumblr Post

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  • Rapper Lauryn Hill‘s newest single, “Neurotic Society,” is bloated with controversial lyrics. But who doesn’t like a little controversy every now and then?

    Even with all the negative press, Hill hasn’t wavered in her defense of the song, which makes stand-alone references to “drag queens,” “girl men” and “social transvestism” as cogs in the wheel of social decay.

    However, the rapper took to her Tumblr page to clarify that she did not target the LGBT community or any group in particular. Instead, she was “targeting everyone in our society who hides behind neurotic behavior rather than deal with it.”

    In her post, she writes:

    “Neurotic Society is a song about people not being, or not being able to be, who and what they truly are, due to the current social construct. I am not targeting any particular group of people, but rather targeting everyone in our society who hides behind neurotic behavior, rather than deal with it.

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