Judge Says Shaq’s Former Mistress Is A Fraud

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Reportedly, Lopez was accused of stealing Martin’s credit card and running up the bill in 2007 which lead to a restraining order. While West allegedly called security on Lopez because she refused to leave his hotel room in 2006 leading to another.

Lopez accused O’Neal of racketeering,  intentional inflection, invasion of privacy, emotional distress.

Gloria Allred was originally a part of Lopez’s legal team but she withdrew from the team stating Lopez was a fraud.

Lopez’s lawsuit was dismissed on the grounds of fraud on the court.

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5 thoughts on “Judge Says Shaq’s Former Mistress Is A Fraud

  1. Goodbye tramp stamp this female seems to be trouble she was Hoopz on one of those stupir reality shows so it seems she is seeking the lime light every one better remember her name and her ugly face

    • Actually, I don’t think this “chick” and “Hoopz” are one and the same. He started dating Hoopz AFTER his divorce, and I believe that Hoopz’s real name is Nicole Alexander. But, I’m sure they are cut from the same cloth…just saying.

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