Debra Simmons: NAN Vice-President Tasered At Miss. Civil Rights Rally [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

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“On December 2, 2003, less than two weeks of being released from the jail I miscarried both babies one on the way to the hospital and the other at the hospital.”

Today’s rally in front of Natchez City Hall to protest Scott’s inhumane treatment was organized to seek justice; instead, the cruelty of Jim Crow terrorist tactics was in full effect.

According to eye-witnesses and NAN members, Simmons was viciously assaulted, tasered multiple times, then arrested — all for walking on the sidewalk.

“While rallying today, Ms. Debra Simmons was arrested and tazed for no apparent reason,” said Scott in an exclusive interview with NewsOne. “The Adams County Sheriff’s Department always mistreats people in our community and most are afraid to step out and stand up because of these actions. I, for one, am standing strong and firm about my case and refuse to back down until justice is served for me and others who are mistreated.

“Deputies Charles Sims and Walter Mackel held [Simmons] down and allowed a White deputy to taze her,” Scott added.

“The Sheriff Department did not read her rights to her, then tried to get her to break the law by getting off the sidewalk when the permit said to stay on the sidewalk,” said NAN member, Walter Shinn exclusively to NewsOne.

“The Adams County Sheriff’s Department are a bunch of thugs that do not respect the rights of its citizens,” Shinn continued. “To taser Debra Simmons, a NAN member, for helping the people of Adams County is just wrong.”

“It was so sad and I’m still shaken up about it,” said Scott. “But as a member of NAN, I will stand for justice and peace.”

Simmons remains in jail on $2,500 bond on charges of resisting arrest and picketing that interferes with government buildings, property, streets and sidewalks.

NewsOne contacted the Adams County Sheriff’s Department to inquire about their unnecessary use of force and the questionable veracity of Simmons’ charges. At the time that this article was published, there was no one available who was authorized to comment on the allegations.

This story is developing. Check back with NewsOne for updates.


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