ANALYSIS: GOP Uses Taxpayer-Funded Hearings to Criticize the ‘Cupid Shuffle’

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Is this appropriate behavior for government employees? No.

But here’s a real outrage: Republicans are wasting time criticizing the “Cupid Shuffle” while they continue to block funding for critical programs like Head Start, that provides low-income children with health and nutritional needs; Pell Grants that help low-income students pay for college; and quality health care initiatives for Americans who can’t afford to visit a doctor.

While the president is lobbying for Congress to pass legislation that would help millions of disenfranchised Americans, Issa’s committee is fixated on the “Cupid Shuffle” and plans to feature the video in an upcoming hearing as a glaring example of how some IRS employees are wasting taxpayer money.

The release of the video comes just days before the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration is prepared to release a report about the IRS targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

“Whether it is the tens of thousands of hard-earned taxpayer dollars spent to produce frivolous entertainment for agency bureaucrats, or the IRS’s own admission that it targeted the American people based on their personal beliefs, the outrage toward the IRS is only growing stronger,” Boustany said in a statement.

Obama has already taken ownership of the problem by denouncing the IRS leadership, and acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel said the upcoming report will show “an unfortunate vestige from a prior era.” Calling the expenses from the conferences “inappropriate,” Werfel said similar incidents won’t happen again.

Meanwhile, Republicans will continue to waste taxpayer-funded hearings criticizing the “Cupid Shuffle” instead of passing critical legislation that would help improve the quality of life for countless Americans who are struggling every day to make ends meet.

It’s the worst kind of hypocrisy.

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5 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: GOP Uses Taxpayer-Funded Hearings to Criticize the ‘Cupid Shuffle’

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  2. The GOP need to get off their high horse and begin passing legislation for jobs, education, etc. They have attended many golf outing and other conferences that had nothing to do with work and it was at the expense of tax payers. The GOP should had been this loud when the government went after the NAACP and some Black Pastors then I might take them seriously. The GOP main job in Washington D.C. is to go after the President on any issue in an attempt to make him looks bad. They can’t stand the fact that a Black Man is in that high POWER office. And now they are going after the Attorney General,Eric Holder. I hope the AG stand fast and do not cave in to them. The GOP are a bunch of BULLIES and the President needs to call them out on it.

  3. Here’s a headline for ya…. Obama supports abortion and “women’s rights” after studies have been conducted that 80% of women who get abortions suffer from PTSD and depression. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. You do know that black women have the highest abortion rates, Obama knows this too. And we wonder why the black community is still struggling? Could it be Obama administration’s policies? When will you people wake up?

  4. I dont care what the hell they do as long as it’s NOT on the TAX payer dime’ As one of the few remaining persons who pays taxes stories like this PISS me off

  5. So let’s also see what the GOP does with our money and how much of it when they conference. When they travel, when they meet. Do they really have to stay at the 5 star hotels or have personal drivers, dine at high end restaurants? I’m sure the IRS isn’t the only government group wasting tax payers dollars.

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