Miami-Dade Police Tackle, Choke 14-Year-Old For Giving Them “Dehumanizing Stare” [VIDEO]

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Even though McMillian was unarmed and holding a puppy, police charged him with “resisting arrest, a felony, and disorderly conduct,” reports His trial date is set for July 16, 2013.

A request submitted by the teen’s legal council to drop the charged was denied.

As previously reported by NewsOne, in a study titled, “Race and Perceptions of Police Misconduct,” Ronald Weitzer joined with Steven A. Tuch, both of George Washington University, to examine the causation of negative perceptions of police in the Black community.

The study’s findings revealed that Black Americans face more police corruption, violence, and profiling than our White counterparts, leaving their perception of law enforcement — and Black Americans — colored by personal perspective and not collective reality:

Whites tend to hold a favorable opinion of the police, favor aggressive law enforcement, and are skeptical of criticisms of the police. There is a racial dimension to this orientation. Many Whites view Blacks as inclined to criminal or violent behavior (Swigert and Farrell 1976; Weitzer 2000; cf. Hurwitz and Peffley 1997).

In response to a question in the 2000 General Social Survey, 48 percent of Whites think that Blacks are “violence-prone.” For many Whites, controlling crime is roughly equivalent to intensifying law enforcement against minority individuals or in minority communities.

Click here to view the study’s findings.

In his book, ” Callus On My Soul,”  author, comedian and activist Dick Gregory, teaches that if Black America is ever going to stop these vicious attacks on our children, we have to take a stand against the police:

“The relationship between Black folks and many White cops in this country is so far out of hand, and at some point we Black folks have to start taking some of that blame. We let police brutality run rampant through our community. There are thousands of Black police officers across this country…They don’t mess with White folks because they know that White folks won’t tolerate it, plain and simple. When we Black folks decide that we are not going to tolerate police brutality, then it will stop. There’s something wrong with a people who have more fear for their enemy than they have love for their children. We have to understand and say to America and the police that enough is enough. We can say it through commerce and shut this country down.”

Hopefully the McMillan family will receive justice in the case. Because it is clear that the people who should have been restrained and charged were the ones  wearing badges.

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