Janet Jackson Has Meltdown In First Class

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  • janet-jacksonJanet Jackson had a meltdown recently while traveling from London to LA. Apparently Ms. Jackson is a germaphobe who had issues with her first class seat on a British Airways flight. The meltdown took place in front of onlookers including Victoria Beckham.

    Page Six reports:

    Janet Jackson is an obsessive clean freak. She spent a frantic 40 minutes spraying down the window, her chair, tray table, phone and even the wall on a first-class British Airways flight from London to LA last Friday, in front of onlookers including Victoria Beckham. “Janet had anti-bacterial spray, and was pulling one tissue out of a bag after another,” says a spy. “This wasn’t a normal rubdown; this was 40 minutes of meticulously wiping everything.” Jackson had been on an earlier flight from Cannes that was diverted from Heathrow to Gatwick, where passengers sat on the runway for 3 1/2 hours before heading back to Heathrow. Jackson and others were then squeezed onto a bus to go through customs.

    As rich as Janet and her husband Wissam Al Mana is, why don’t they invest in a private jet?

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    18 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Has Meltdown In First Class

    1. Forty minutes may be a bit extreme, but I can’t say I blame her for cleaning the surfaces. The downside of living in a global society is the spread of global diseases we’ve never even heard of and can’t pronounce. One errant cough by the person next to you and you’re finished. You don’t know what people are carrying these days. Scrub on, Janet!

    2. Janet knows about the new stuff going around that nobody talks about that you can’t get rid of. Bubble guts and butterflys for days sexually transmitted but doesn’t show up on test. Micheal made that butterfly song about it. Seriously.

    3. whomp whomp, i do this every time I visit a theater and even in my office before my day begins… i hate to be sick and this is a good way to prevent illness.

    4. Why don’t they invest in a private jet- because anyone that is truly wealthy will tell you that a private jet is the worst money guzzling investment 1 can make – Black America web -do better & tell your brothers and sisters if they want to keep their money then don’t make stupid investments on nonsensical material things. Spraying down everything on a plane with anti-bacterial spray is hardly a meltdown-it’s rather a wise investment toward health.

      • I am with you!!! You have to wipe down public stuff now. People are nasty and loaded with viruses, and companies have cut cost as far as maintenance for such things. I took a bus trip to New York from Maryland and you can rest assured, I cleaned that bus. It was disgusting. Next time I catch the bus to New York because yes I am doing it again in August, I will be cleaning the bus.

    5. Anyone that has ever flown internationally would be the same way. It’s beyond nasty on some of those flights. Ms. Jackson was at least humble enough to wipe everything down herself!

    6. Personally I dont blame her……There are some nasty fkers out here. How ever long it takes is however long it takes. So what you are weird for being clean now? what the fk is the world coming too?

    7. Seriously? Wanting things clean is one thing, but 40 minutes just to take a flight? She’s lucky I wasn’t on that flight. I don’t care how famous or rich she is… she’s no better than anybody else, and if she was that concerned, she should have taken a private plane. It’s not like she doesn’t have the money to do it. I have no sympathy. Sure she can sing, but that makes her no more deserving that the rest of us.

    8. Janet did the right thing. I’m the same way. If everyone cleanup after themselves you’ll have less hospital visits. You can’t count on the stewardesses and the hotel staff to clean thoroughly. Yeah, why wasn’t Janet on her private jet ? Maybe the husband have it or she just need some private time to do things on her own.


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