Dad Claims Chuck E. Cheese Kept Disabled Daughter From Using Restroom

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Watch news coverage of this incident here:

Eschoe and his wife, Kiyome, who was not present at the party, now say that the manager’s move to bar their daughter from using the public restroom facility violates the Americans With Disabilities Act since they were unable to provide an alternative solution.

Yet, an unidentified corporate spokesperson from the Chuck E. Cheese organization refutes what the Eschoes are claiming and contends that the women’s restroom was indeed occupied and employees were in fact working on an alternative solution to the situation.

Meanwhile, the Eschoes are standing their ground regarding the matter, with Kiyome lamenting, “I definitely don’t want any parent to go through what we went through.”

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One thought on “Dad Claims Chuck E. Cheese Kept Disabled Daughter From Using Restroom

  1. This is a shame…the manager should be called out for their horrible treatment of this child. The family definitely needs and apology and the employees need a LOT more training and a LOT more compassion and consideration for special needs children. She is a beautiful little girl who deserves better treatment!

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