Color Code: 5 Must-Read Ombre Hair Tips From Ciara’s Hairstylist

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I know it’s tempting to go DIY on this one, but the best advice I can give is to NOT do it yourself. Beyond that, if your base color, the roots area, is almost black, lighten the base to brown for a softer overall look.

How to maintain it?

The best part of a balayage ombré is that it looks better as it grows out, so you don’t have to worry about touching it up.

How often should one retouch it to maintain it?

Again it looks better as it grows, so really judge it to your taste, and keep a regular schedule with your colorist. The ombré is a really trendy look. It’s come and gone in many iterations. Right now, it’s all about the sun-kissed balayage.

And just because we adore the ombre trends, here’s 10 celebrities who are werking the *bleep* out of it! Check out the gallery below.


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