Life Coach Helps Entrepreneurs Take Their Businesses To Next Level

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Aside from the business-building essence of the city, Edmondson said its pivotal role in the 1960′s civil rights struggles is an inspiration for her efforts.

“The whole Civil Rights Movement helped to awaken the African-American spirit for business ownership,” Edmondson said. “We know other nationalities come to this country and do it. We just needed to raise the awareness we could do it as well and the 1960s helped spark that.”

Edmondson said that even with the supportive surroundings Atlanta provides, challenges quickly presented themselves when she found she wasn’t getting as many clients as she hoped for back in 2011.

“I wondered what I was doing wrong, was it my message or my marketing that wasn’t working,” Edmondson said. “I wondered if the people I had worked with really got it. Did I really reach the person.”

At times, it seemed the life/business coach needed a life/business coach of her own, she said.

But as clients began coming though the door and revenues began to grow, Edmondson said she began to find herself on more solid footing financially and emotionally.

Attracting business primarily on a referral basis, Edmondson said she now has about 15 clients per month and nets between $5,000 to $6,000 monthly. Edmondson claims a 75 percent success rate among her clients.

By next year, Edmondson hopes to bring on a small staff of life/business coaches under her to expand her services that she describes as “almost at capacity” now.

“When thoughts of not making it would come to mind, I would immediately focus on why I wanted to become a life coach and that would remove the doubt and fear of not being successful,” she said. “Do those thoughts still come, absolutely? But when I see success with a person it tells me these processes really work and it makes me push even harder for success.”

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