Detroit Judge Wade McCree Accused of Misconduct Over Affair, Woman Testifies

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“We’ve acknowledged it was improper conduct, and he should be sanctioned for it,” Einhorn said of the Mott matter. “It’s the appearance of impropriety that is improper. It’s his failure to recuse himself, which he should have done. Why he didn’t do it, he doesn’t understand either.”

The complaint states that McCree met Mott last year when she appeared in his court in a child-support case involving Robert King, the father of her child. The commission said he gave her his business card and asked that she contact him.

That began a six-month relationship, including sex in McCree’s office and other locations, the complaint says.

Mott and McCree repeatedly talked about how to punish King for owing child support, according to the commission. McCree placed King on electronic tether in August before the case was transferred to another judge a month later Einhorn said McCree didn’t obstruct justice.

“He didn’t send (King) to jail. His decision in this case was totally consistent with his decisions in like cases,” Einhorn said.

McCree’s late father, Wade McCree Jr., argued cases at the U.S. Supreme Court as solicitor general under President Jimmy Carter.

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