Redskins RGIII Attacked For Accepting Wedding Gifts From Fans

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    Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin, III is marrying his fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat this spring. Like most couples they are busy managing things like table settings and gift registries.

    While the wedding will be private, somehow Griffin’s fans found the couple’s wedding registry and began sending them gifts. So he Tweeted his thanks posting a photo of himself with boxes from all of the presents.

    “Thank you to the Fans who are helping buy ALL the items from our wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond.”

    Bad move. Evidently, Griffin has been hit with criticism from followers and fans who feel he shouldn’t be receiving gifts or should be giving them to charity since he is a millionaire. Griffin is a Heisman Trophy winner who signed a four-year contract with the Washington Redskins worth $21 Million.

    “I didn’t ask the fans to buy me anything,” he responded via Twitter. “They found it on their own and decided to get what they could. SMH at all these Debbie downers”

    “Haters gon hate. Theme of the day. They always say more money more problems. Or mo’ money mo’ problems. Yea I’m cultured #DealWithIt

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    5 thoughts on “Redskins RGIII Attacked For Accepting Wedding Gifts From Fans

    1. They all marry White. ITS A FUCKING TRIP. I guess once they get money black women don’t fit the mode anymore

    2. Is that the fiance? He need not worry about Debbie downers he is marrying debbie downer and I could care less who does or does not give him a gift!!!

    3. If fans want to give celebs and athletes gifts then it is there business. So if your aunt,friend or coworker is an millionare you should’nt give her a wedding gift?

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