Glenn Beck: Tea Party Would Have Been Lynched For Marching With MLK

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In  one of the most delusional statements in modern politics, Beck had this to say about the Tea-Party:

[Dr.] Martin Luther King marched with an awful lot of white people…20 percent of the lynchings in the south, 20 percent of the lynchings by the KKK, where of white people. And you know what? I contend, the white people that were lynched are exactly the type of people that would be in the Tea Party today.

Firstly, his numbers are questionable and to even make that comparison is a transparent attempt at false equivalency.

Secondly, the Tea Party has made a name for itself by being a purposely inflammatory, racially derogatory and bigoted group of people who want the government to take their hands off of their guns and medicare — at the same time. How that translates into being a group of peace-loving White people is anyone’s guess.

But if anyone is able to attempt the comparison with a straight face, it’s Glenn Beck.

Watch Beck’s comments here:

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