64-Year-Old Stabbed At Gas Station As Customers Stood By And Watched

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    A 64-year-old Detroit man is recovering at a local hospital after he was viciously stabbed at a gas station.

    The unidentified victim spoke to Fox 2 News Detroit about the attack that took place Saturday morning around at 5 a.m. He says he was approached by a would-be-thief who demanded money. Soon after the demand, the attack began. At first, the thief began punching him. Then the punches turned to stabbing and continued until he passed out.

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    “I didn’t realize that I was bleeding until I hit the floor,” he said. “All the blood started coming out and I got real weak and I couldn’t move.”

    The victim was left with stab wounds in his chest and abdomen. He is expected to recovery, but may have to undergo surgery Friday. Police said they’ve arrested a 27-year old Detroit man who lived near the gas station where the attack took place. He’s expected to be arraigned Friday.

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    3 thoughts on “64-Year-Old Stabbed At Gas Station As Customers Stood By And Watched

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