Zoe Saldana Brushes Off Criticism of Simone Role

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“They flew in this linguist from San Francisco who gives courses. You go away for the weekend and you just speak Klingon,” she said. “It ended up being much easier than I thought.”

Like the entire Enterprise crew, Saldana has mixed feelings about Abrams’ imminent departure for the “Star Wars” universe. He is due to revive the series with a new film in 2015, so it looks unlikely he’ll be at the helm of a third “Star Trek” voyage.

Saldana hopes he’ll remain as a producer, with another member of the existing team — possibly one of the writers — stepping in to direct.

She said she wouldn’t want to see a new director come in and lose the essence of Abrams’ reboot of the series.

“There’s been a tone set” with Abrams” movies, she said — “So much so that it’s made a fan out of me.”

Aha! So is Saldana, like Abrams, a “Star Wars” fan in the “Star Trek” camp?

Neither, it turns out.

“I’m more of a ‘Dune’ kind of person,” she said.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” opens Thursday in the United States.


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