Two Girls Meet At A Track Meet & Find Out They’re Sisters

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  • Two sisters who have been separated from each other for 17 years meet by chance at a high school track meet. Sounds like a Lifetime movie, huh? But, it’s the real-life story of sisters Jordan Dickerson and Robin Jeter.

    Jeter, a senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy charter school, had lived with her biological mother to various stints in foster care and then finally to a legal guardian. Dickerson, a junior at Woodrow Wilson High School in DC, was adopted as an infant, a detail she has always known about.

    The sisters finally crossed paths at a January 9, 2013 track meet after Dickerson’s teammates pointed out the striking resemblance between the two.

    Dickerson says she burst into tears after Jeter revealed her last name during a brief conversation at the meet, telling USA TODAY, “I had already known about my adoption, and I knew my last name was Jeter,” that little fact sealed the deal; Jeter was her long-lost sister!

    Since then the girls, who are only 9 months apart, visit each other every weekend, talk on the phone and work to make up for the 17 years lost.


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