Aamna Ageel’s “Racist” Ads Shocking The Fashion World

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“He works in a garage and wanted some work.”

Says Feerasta of Aqueel’s reasoning;

“Aqueel’s reasoning doesn’t add up and her message fails for many reasons.”

The only thing worse than some one being blatantly racist, is someone being blatantly racist and then saying that they weren’t. If you are going to do it, own it. Be honest about what you are doing. Now, it’s entirely possible that the intent here was not  malicious. However, the problem with that is, sometimes, it’s not what you meant by what you’ve said, but the way it’s received that is the issue. You, as the communicator, are responsible for that transaction so you must own it. 

Maybe it will take people not dealing with this designer for her to finally understand there are consequences to these actions, or at least there should be. And with so many different designers all around the world, people can chose to deal with labels that do not think it’s cool to have photo spreads like the one in the pictures below. 

What say you? Are these pictures racist? Take our poll and have your say.

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