Keandre Varner: Student Suspended After Posting Principal’s Mugshot To Instagram

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    A high school student in Riverdale, Ga., was suspended after he posted a picture of his principal’s mugshot to Instagram.

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    Shortly after the posting, Principal Jamille Miller-Brown (pictured on phone) brought Keandre Varner (pictured right) into her office Monday. She then gave him a four-day suspension, telling the Daily News, “There was a violation of privacy.”

    A spokesman for Riverdale High School denied that Varner was suspended for posting the picture. He claimed Varner was suspended for acting “belligerent” towards Miller by publishing the picture through a school computer and disrupting the school.

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    Watch a news report about the suspension here:

    However, Varner’s mother believes her son was suspended for misinterpreting the mugshot’s origin. “Keandre passed around misinformation,” she told WSBTV.

    When a someone asked Keandre why his principal was arrested, Varner responded, “I think because of a DUI.” According to Miller-Brown, the arrest was actually for failure to show up in court for a speeding ticket. Varner recounted their tense conversation:

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    One thought on “Keandre Varner: Student Suspended After Posting Principal’s Mugshot To Instagram

    1. Kids need to stay in their place. So disrespectful…that is an adult matter. Kids these days are something else! Back in the day we couldnt even gossip abt adults even if our parents didnt care too much for the person. You would get a look or a slap in the mouth with a “stay outta grown folks business” response.

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