Dame Dash Files Court Documents Detailing His Multi-Million Dollar Debt

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    Jay-Z’s former business partner Damon Dash is some serious financial trouble.

    According to reports, the hip-hop mogul recently filed court documents stating he’s millions of dollars in debt and on the verge of being evicted from his rented mansion in the suburban of Carmel, N.Y.

    “I am currently several months behind in paying my personal bills,” he wrote in a 5-page filing. “For instance, I am currently over $100,000 behind in rent for the only home in which I live and at risk of being evicted.”

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    In efforts to not have his wages garnished, Dash went into detail about his other debts.

    -He pays $24,000 every three months to his ex-wife, fashion designer Rachel Roy, for child support of their two kids, and to cover money owed on the lofts.

    - New York state forces Dash to send another $4,341.10 per month for support of his son, Christian.

    - He paid nearly $20,000 in garnished wages in late 2012 for other debts.

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