2 Bodies Found After NJ Standoff; Suspect Killed

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  • TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Police stormed a New Jersey home early Sunday and fatally shot a registered sex offender who had held his girlfriend’s three children hostage, ending their 37-hour ordeal and recovering the bodies of the captives’ mother and another sibling, authorities said.

    Officers initially went to the South Trenton home Friday afternoon after a relative of 44-year-old Carmelita Stevens said she hadn’t spoken to her in weeks and was worried, authorities said at a news conference Sunday. Upon further investigation, authorities then discovered her children hadn’t been to school in 12 days.

    Police entered the home through a rear door and smelled an odor consistent with that of a decomposing body, Trenton Police Director Ralph Rivera Jr. said. The officers also noticed maggots throughout the residence.

    They found 38-year-old Gerald “Skip” Tyrone Murphy in an upstairs bedroom and he told them he was armed with a gun and explosives and had three children with him, Mercer County Prosecutor Joseph L. Bocchini Jr. said. Officers noticed one of the dead victims before they retreated from the second floor and rescued Stevens’ 19-year-old son from the basement, who said he hadn’t seen her or his siblings since about April 24.

    Homes on the surrounding block were evacuated as a precaution, and police tape cordoned off the street in front of the house. A SWAT team was called, and an arson bomb unit was also on the scene. Police said Murphy could be seen from a window holding a black handgun.

    Police remained in contact with Murphy throughout the standoff and passed food into the home through an upstairs window, state police Col. Rick Fuentes said. Murphy kept the captives with him inside the roughly 10-foot-by-11-foot bedroom throughout the standoff, authorities said.

    As the standoff stretched into a third day, officers entered the home around 3:45 a.m. Sunday after noting Murphy’s “deteriorating state of mind” and deciding it was necessary to enter to help ensure the captives survived, Fuentes said. An officer shot Murphy because he was threatening one of the children, he said.

    Murphy was taken to a hospital and later died of his injuries. No law enforcement personnel were injured during the standoff or the confrontation with Murphy.

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    4 thoughts on “2 Bodies Found After NJ Standoff; Suspect Killed

    1. I am amazed that you all believe that she didn’t know he was a sex offender. Probably because you are good parents, but I am sure she knew and that he gave her some lame excuse that she was ready to believe because he was a male that showed her a little attention. A lot of times women care more about that than they do their children and vice versa.

    2. I agree. It is astounding that so many desperate women (yes) will take men into their lives and homes without any background knowledge. Hey, you can check anybody with a legal name and birth date. Ladies, you need to get real!

    3. She really didn’t take time to get to know him because if she had, she would have left him right where she found him. I will never understand why some people are so desperate and such poor judges of character. This was no happy ending.


      • Agreed smh if only she would have gotten to know him better and NOT moved him in after a few months. The signs of his true identity wouldve coem out. We have got to care abt our kids more than that.

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