Moms We Love: Kandi Burruss

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  • Single mother of Riley Burruss, 10 – star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “The Kandi Factory” both on Bravo.  

    I schedule time with my family and my daughter the same way I schedule doing business meetings. I try not to miss any of my daughter’s events. When I put a meeting with my business partner on the schedule, I put all my daughter’s basketball games on my schedule. I just don’t ever want her to feel that I was never there. So I try to go to everything. I don’t sleep a lot because I work and sometimes I’m up late doing things but I get up early every morning to take my daughter to school everyday. I just do what I’m supposed to do. I don’t want to miss those moments. If somebody else pcks her up from school, she’s like “Why didn’t you pick me up from school?” I try to never be away from home more than a few days at a time.

    It can be challenging, but I definitely have a lot of help from my close friends and my family. But sometimes when you’re a single parent, you have to co-parent with someone. Whether your child’s father is in or out of the picture, you need to get a friend who’s also a single parent so you can switch off days. One of my girlfriends is a doctor now but when she was in medical school, certain weekends, she would come and get my daughter and my daughter and her daughter would play together and they would go places and do things together or I would go and get her daughter and take them places. So they were always occupied, always busy and they never felt like they were needing attention. They had all the attention in the world, so they didn’t miss as much.

    Sometimes I feel guilty just because I hired somebody to work with me day to day to help Riley with homework and stuff like that. Some moms are able to do all those things like being the class mom and stuff like that. But I have to work and make things happen for my child. I’m a single mom so me and my daughter talk about things. She understands that this is Mommy’s business but all of these things allow you to do the fun stuff that you want to be able to do. And sometimes she’ll say to me you need to go to work because I want this (laughs). At first, Riley did not like our life being part of television but now she’s iike “I want to be on the show more.”

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